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    Guild Wars Manager

    Hi everybody

    I am creating (for the past 4 months now) a Guild Wars Manager. The short premise is simple. It allows users to lookup, filter, search and sort any items guild wars related.

    I could make this post winding on forever with explenations on what is all included, but I prefer to let the work speak for itself. Therefor, just have a look at the following screenshots for a sneak peak on the Manager. This is a wide selection of things included in the application but not a full page listing.

    Basically you can lookup virtually anything whithin seconds. Everything is also linked, for example you can see what quests a certain character has, if you double click the quest you get warped to the Quest module automatically with the desired quest already highlighted. At that time u could see what skills would be rewarded to you on completion of the quest. Double click that skill and u go to the Skill module with the skill highlighted. And so on and on.

    As noticable on the screenshots, you can enter your own guild (and it's members) in the Manager, and keep a record of all the GvG Matches you played.

    Further notable items are ingame screenshots of weapons so you can see how a certain skin looks ingame and compare with others. Own made maps. Every map (for example a mission map, quest map or general area map) has 3 overlays:

    - Geographically
    Shows the terrain of the map and where all portals go to.

    - Points Of Interest
    Shows many difference things, all npc's, quests, collectors, merchants and general point of interests. Npc's, quests, merchants and collectors speak for itself but points of interest deserves a little more information. These are just literally points of interest that some people might overlook on their crusades troughout Tyria. A few examples... in Pre Searing "The Rabbit Falls" (to my knowledge the only rabbit in the game) or "The Holy Tree" in Post Searing. Pre Searing alone has a dozen of these unique easily overlooked locations.

    - Routes
    All outposts and the "easiest" way of reaching them. In missions and quest maps this is replaced with the way of fulfilling the mission/quest and bonus.

    These are some noteworthy inclusions in the Manager. There is far more but if there are any specific questions jus ask away!

    I enquired this site to post a Demo version of this application so everyone can try it out. In general the demo allows to use virtually all of the modules with a Pre Searing restriction.

    The full version costs 2 euro and is available from (you can also order the full version from whithin the demo). This small amount is to compensate for the hundreds of hours that already went into this Manager and will still be spend in the future. This is not a "final" product, I am improving this Manager daily with both new content and features. I intend to support Guild Wars as long as Aranet releases new content into the Game World.

    This is about it, feel free to discuss, post constructive (or not so) criticism or anything else on your mind. I can always be reached personally on my inbox: but will read posts here to and answer where needed. Or you can register on my brand new forums for this Maanger on my page (link below)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Afiag The Median
    The full version costs 2 euro and is available from URL (you can also order the full version from whithin the demo). This small amount is to compensate for the hundreds of hours that already went into this Manager and will still be spend in the future.

    Beyond the fact that this website has a "no advertising" rule, I need to quote from the Terms of Use here, so that you can understand fully the problems with a "product" such as you are offering to sell:
    Yes, you may use our content -- that is images, text, and video or audio files -- within the following parameters:

    * The content must be used in a noncommercial context for private, personal use only
    * You must include all copyright and other notices associated with the content
    * You acknowledge and agree that no title nor any other form of ownership to the content has been or will be transferred to you from ArenaNet nor from anyone else
    * You agree that you will not alter, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or in any other way modify the content
    * You agree that ArenaNet has the right to request removal of our content at any time, for any reason
    There are, as you can see, many ways in which this program breaks the Terms of Use. While you have no doubt done a lot of work to create this product, the international copyrights that we hold on our intellectual property absolutely prohibit you from selling this item without written consent, the same sort of permission as would be required in order for someone to create and sell any other product, such as a t-shirt or an action figure.

    If you wish to discuss a license for this product, I invite you to contact us using the Contact link from the official website, www.guildwars.com. In the meantime, please do not promote this product or accept payment for it.

    We are very sorry for the disappointment that this may cause you, but it is essential that companies protect their property and it is very important that copyrights are respected.
    Gaile Gray
    Community Relations Manager

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