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    Mobile Spirits ? Discuss...

    I loved playing this new Class in the beta weekend but I have heard a lot of negativity about it. (Camping, skill recharge time, death to spirits by AOE ect..)

    Would a skill that made all of the Ritualist spirits in a yet to be determined AOE become mobile and follow their summoner be broken? Would have to be elite?

    It would sure put an end to the Campers SUX & AOE issues if the skill could be gained early on in the game.

    Please post any thoughts.

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    GWOnline.Net Member casserole's Avatar

    This might work if the skill had a downside to it. Maybe the spirits died faster or the spirit abilities were nerfed in some fashion. At the very least, a skill that gave mobility to spirits would need to be an elite skill. Othewise, I think this would make a Rt too powerful. With such a limited exposure to the Rt class, it's hard to say what would be over/underpowered at this point.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Siru's Avatar

    For the mobility I would say that one elite gives it already (almost-not literally):

    Soul Twisting 5e - 1sec - 10sec
    Destroy target allied spirit. The next Binding ritual you perform casts 66% faster and recharges instantly. This is an elite skill.

    I used this skill with fantastic results. Many times I even kept up with 3 rushers and held few spirits on 'em all the time. It's a bit tricky to use with few spirits cause they tend to die on their own or are "main targets"

    But a real mobility? Able to follow caster and so on.. Emm.
    I would say there should be different kind of spirits for that. IMO hovering Union, Recuperation and/or Blood Song would seem to be out of their place.. (Following Recuperation= flying fountain of mending FTW ).

    Edit: Oh! Didn't thought this first: like new form of pain with mobility - little longer recast + energy cost and maybe a little degen like bone fellas have too. Or a new form of Displacement that follows you right behind you.
    I think these spirits could have the disadvantage that they might slow you down or are always adjanced.. or not adjancent cause of few AoE damage spells that Rit him/her self could "abuse".

    Interesting subject thou
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    GWOnline.Net Member CKaz's Avatar

    spirits dont move, minions and pets do - everything has a weakness

    They're chained/bound, and as mentioned, there are elites and some other skills if I recall correctly (sacrifice a spirit for health or damage) that does well enough, no? Get a last spike heal or dmg out before making one elsewhere, draining one(s) in the heavy line of fire? Shrug

    AoE's limitation is it doesnt move with the target but blankets a specific area in damage. Spirit's limitation is it doesnt move with the caster but blankets an area with good or bad mojo.

    What am I missing?! Sure you'd rather having moving mojo but c'mon now...

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    GWOnline.Net Member Zero RoGuE's Avatar

    from what ive seen the best idea for a ritualist is to use them to set up a kind of defensive point that people can be at to keep themselves safe..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero RoGuE
    from what ive seen the best idea for a ritualist is to use them to set up a kind of defensive point that people can be at to keep themselves safe..
    You probably figured out the idea yourself, but the exact wording that I used with my guildies shortly after the ritualist was annouced was a "forward command base."

    Essentially, you are changing the dynamics of the game from "seek and destroy" to "lure and destroy".

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    GWOnline.Net Member Kjentei's Avatar

    All strategies in Guild Wars need some kind of flaw, the immoblilty of the spirits is it's flaw. It wouldn't be fair if spirits could move, however I think the idea of a teleporting spirit would be nice. Maybe a elite that meant that all your spirits, or possibly, all allied spirits, are teleported to your area.

    Of course, spirits don't necessarily have to very close, if you spread them about two areas apart, AoE won't slaughter them all at once, instead it's just one spirit down. But this is what Spirit to Flesh or Rupture Soul are for, if you see the spirit dying, then you should destroy it before it's death is wasted. If you have the spirits close, Heal Area would help, along with Healing Spring.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Spirits are bound to ground, you can actually see the chains. I got an idea about that:

    Chain Breaker(E)
    All your spirits brake their chains and start to follow you. You and spirits move at 90% of normal speed. After 15-30 sec all your spirits are destroyed.
    10e 3s cast 60 recharge.(Spawning Power)

    It would help and because spirits dyeing and moving slowly, i think it is not overpowered.

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    The Order Of Dii

    There is already a spell that makes it possible to move your spirits :
    Draw Spirit-Spell. Teleport target allied Spirit to your location.

    It's not a good way to move them but gives some mobility - just enough in my opinion.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Well, its good if you use 1 or 2 longlasting spirits, mut if you use more, then it is not so good. 4 spirits take 4*(1s cast+5s recharge)=26 seconds to move into new place.

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