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    Quickguide to Sympathetic Visage :-D

    Lets feel the matter: how many smitecrawler can one survive... of course you need the right equipment, location and skills, the right DP too ;-)
    I think many may know this scenery, but ill show it to you anyway ;-)

    FYI: there where about 18 crawlers, we guessed: a) too many to count, b) durin collectin em u need to look out u dont get struck, and then, in the battle u have better things to do than count ur enemies ;-)
    Per example screenshot this beautyful cloud of many purple 3's...


    And no, my kiddies, i only tell u we used sympathetic visage, the rest is and will stay a SECRET :-P

    Eylena (this monk in the pic) aka Enaya

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    Come on, someone count the -3s

    LOL, I notice 2 green dots in your radar this is obviously a 55/SS setup
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    There are 153 -3's, 12 +1's and 11 -1's

    I'm so bored... ;-;

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    After carefull numerous recountings, I have decided there are now 156 -3's.

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    hm, i SHOULD have blacked out the radar too ;-)

    Well, the obvious facts i cant deny, i think...

    and mitsuki... u really MUST be VERY bored... but at least we have the challenge started:

    WHO GETS A STREENSHOT WITH MORE THAN SOME 150 PURPLE '-3' ON IT, of course triggered by sympathetic visage?

    lets have some fun

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    GWOnline.Net Member frigidchill's Avatar

    hmm remind me, what does sympathetic visage do?

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    Sympathetic Visage

    For 8-18 seconds, whenever target ally is hit by a melee attack, all nearby enemies lose all adrenaline and 3 energy.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I got a screenshot a LONG time ago with like 80 -41's from when I had SS on 6 enemies out of a group of like 12. (got lucky with 20/20 curses item and arcane echo).

    Too bad I didn't save it when I got a new PC.

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    Only way you can get that much is by lowering your HP, which you did.
    You had 10-19 HP, hence the red -1's.

    That's a lot of smites.

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