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    Spider capping groups.

    I was figuring, if there is still people who want to cap spiders and can't find groups in toa we could try to set up groups and times in here.

    I am on american servers.

    Hopefully if we get enough people to help, this could be like a constant thing for spider groups for people.

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    I'm on european server , but I'll help out when not busy .

    IGN's for rangers
    Teresa of Durnham
    Vania of Durnham

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    GWOnline.Net Member Skyer's Avatar

    I would like to be in also.

    I am on the American server.

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    oooh, just yesterday (This morning I guess :s ) I was looking for a group to try and get one. Unfortuanttely people only seemed to want to go to FoW. My Necro really wants a spider (My Ranger has a nice fat pig). The only people looking for UW were 55 solo monks and while i got a lot of invitations (I was set up for SS then) that really isnt soemthing Im looking to. I want a full group.

    I have no life :P and so whenever you guys have time I should be able to.

    I'm on American Servers and my in game name is Greel Mindraker..

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I can help, im in american servers

    Main account IGN:

    Snike The Assassin

    Other account's IGN

    Snike The Summoner
    Snike The Knight
    Snike The Seer

    -Snike isnt my real name ^^

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    check out this guy , charging for getting a spider :


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    I am guessing from most of the trapping groups that we should try and get atleast 3-4 trapper rangers for the quest. I haven't done it yet but I do have the skills for trapping. Just seems like we need a few more people and to find out a time. My ign is Mercenary Legend.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Iorek Valr's Avatar

    I'd be happy to help other people as well as get myself a spider :)

    IGN ::: Clarity Sharpfrost

    I'm on US servers, but on GMT.

    Been looking for a new pet for a while

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    I am guessing from most of the trapping groups that we should try and get atleast 3-4 trapper rangers for the quest.
    3 trappers + the person(s) we are getting the spider for should suffice . However , we need to have some kind of time and day when we will be doing this - some of the people who have volunteered are on american whilst others are europeans . So it would have to be a "reasonable " time for both .

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    GWOnline.Net Member Odharith's Avatar

    My necro really wants a cute little spider. Don't know why, she'll never use it I think. It just feels like I need to have one. (my warrior has a lizzard and my ele a nice little piggy)

    IGN Odharith Sarnorvel I am on Euro servers and GMT +1.

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