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    Omg Rl Charr Carving!!

    Found this on Ebay, just thought you would all think it was as funny as I did!

    WTS Charr Carving! (( Handmade - Guild Wars - RARE ))

    If you've spent any amount of time hanging around in Piken Square you've probably picked up quite a number of these curious little charms... but now you can have your very own handmade replica!
    Cast in Resin and handpainted to a high, semi gloss, finish. This little fellow measures up at four centimetres from his base to the top of his head and would look great perched on top of your monitor... bringing you luck in battle, or something.*
    and if you want to bid its Item number:
    better hurry its up to $20 USD!!!

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    Jade Quarry

    Blinkie Ponie Armie [BPA]

    I am amused by this however I wonder if this is breaking the EULA or copyright laws.

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    4 cm? That's tiny.. still pretty cool though :)
    I was going to carve one out of wood for a friend's son who plays and give it to him for Christmas.. he collects charr carvings for fun, and has over 500 of them.. hehe. I had planned on making it at least 6" tall though, and certainly wouldn't have sold them.

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    Crayak, you spend too much time on Ebay.

    Get back to work , oh, and call me later

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    Not sure of the legality of this, so I'm removing that EBay item number for now. Plus moving this thread to the Lounge.

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    Cool idea, whether its legal or not, but come on, only 4cm? I like migellito's idea of it being around 6" tall. That would make it worth $20, its just too small. And it must be out of wood, it is a carving after all and salvaged for wood.^^ Interesting find either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balkroth
    Crayak, you spend too much time on Ebay.

    Get back to work , oh, and call me later
    lol i am working
    and im not sure if this is breaking any laws but i just thought i'd share it with everyone.

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    Just to address the legality side of this crap

    Allright, just wanted to jump in real quick and address the legality of this since it's already been brought up.

    Concerning EULA: Without going back to review it, it shouldn't matter a bit about the EULA. This is a real-world object, completely independent of the game. That is a non-issue here.

    Concerning Intellectual Property Rights: If they are selling this is an actual "Charr Carving".. well, aside from the impossibility inherent in the fact that there arenow such things as Charr, then they may have issues. If they are just saying "This is a carving I made, based off of this item in a game called GuildWars", then they should be alright, by most Western Law. If they are mass-producing these things for sale and associating these items with GW, then that is almost definitely breaking a law or two.

    ANet doesn't have exclusive rights to a wooden carving of some bull-beast head (or whatever kind of beastly head it is). The devil is all in how they use terms like "charr carving" and "GuildWars".

    Your Ob. Disclaimer: I Am Not A Lawyer, so I don't give out legal advice, I only spout out my own personal opinion based on the years of crap I've had to deal with in the tech field.
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    k, well i think someone is testing the seller to see if he will be making many of them. Check out the comment someone left on the item and the answer.

    Question & Answer

    Q: Hi there. I am very interested in this item, unfortunately for reasons that I cannot disclose. I must simply have this item. Are you planning on making anymore? And if not, how much would it take to convince you to make some more? :)
    A: Hello. Well i'll admit i'm curious.. but i guess you have your reasons! In any case, yes, although it started a bit of fun with some plastercine while waiting around in town I should be making a couple more. If he's popular maybe i'll attempt something more ambitious. Recently I was hanging around in the Temple of the Ages and the statue of Grenth caught my eye!

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    I always thought Char charrings were made out of wood, and about the size of a coconut.

    That thing is made out of clay, with a more squared pig-snout.

    The Charr will be sending their lawyers (Mes/Els) to deal probably.

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