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    Major concern about usefullnes of the melee assasin

    Considering current stage of pvp (tombs/gvg) melee assasins wont exist. Why ? Because every serious team is using some kind of prot against warriors/rangers (i.e. melee ward, aegis, guardian). Because assasin is based on combos he wont be able to execute combo with more than 3 attack skils (3 when really lucky or with full team of assasins). When warrior misses with an attack he doesnt lose all adrenaline but assasin have to wait till his lead attack recharge to do anything more than bashing. It would be much better if assasin would have to execute prerequisites attacks but they wouldnt have to land on target to execute another attack. Simple example: I start with lead attack - it misses, but then i can execute offhand attack - it hits.

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    I disagree on several points.

    A) Carry more than one lead attack.
    B) Carry attacks which don't require a lead attack to operate. Several Offhands function only when target is enchanted, or when target is knocked down, or.. etc.
    C) Carry dodge/Evade negation skills. Expose Defenses, Expunge enchantments, shroud of silence to prevent those spells from being used, shadow shroud similarly, unseen fury, way of the fox... and that is just assassin skills, not even counting what you can use from other classes.
    D) Carry non-attack lead attacks. Several Deadly Arts skills are Skills or spells, not attacks, but their description shows they can still be used as lead attacks.
    E) Carry Attacks which cannot be blocked or evaded of which the assassin has several

    I think Assassins will be able to be more than useful as melee combatants. My personal opinion is that they won't reach their zenith of effectiveness until the metagame understands how much healing they do or don't need, and how that healing needs to be delivered. Their armor against phys damage is approximately that of a ranger, but they are much more vulnerable to elemental damage.

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    The biggest issue is, i find, that people are seeing the Assassin as a damage profession, when they should be seeing it as a utility profession.
    For example, the skill dark apostasy (which removes enchantments whenever you achieve a critical hit) has potential to be extraordinarily powerful in warrior-groups, where protective enhancements can mess up a damage combo.

    This skill could also be used on altars in heroes ascent - bye bye spellbreaker, leaving a hero ripe for a gale spam to interrupt him.

    Or, look at the Shadow Shroud elite in Shadow Arts. Imagine this in GvG - where 99% of monks are boon-prot. Suddenly, RoF and prot spirit become useless - you could see a spike coming, but be able to do nothing to stop it! The hex is also immune to removal from the popular heroes ascent skill, Holy Veil, as that requires placing an enchantment on first.

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    assassin uses speed to quickly kill/damage a enemy, like a monk, then retreat, thats their job... teleport/shadowstep in, attack with everything they've got, hopefuly inflict a kill/DP, then retreat...

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    The assasian does not rely much on armor protection, but being a Melee Elite in the study of killing one Effectively and Swiftly, especially since you do not have the armor to "hold" your position for very long.

    Assasians can easily kill monks (I killed one just melee'ing it with my fast attack speed, NO skills used!) and i slowly hacked away on my warrior, and couldn't kill the monk.

    Overall, Assasians are just that, quick killers, but not very endurable, so they need to sprint alot. Overall, they can be very effective if used the right way. Ex: Don't tank!

    In my opinoin, 2 Tanks could hold the line, but to be effective in offense, a Assasian + Tank would be better! How? Let the tank do all the tanking, and then swifly comes in the assasin who would effectively kill off even a monk boss with its shatter enchant moves.


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    I also disagree with the OP. To describe an Assassin melee attacking someone who can readily counter him is to describe someone not playing an Assassin properly.

    Given the vulnerabilities of the Assassin class in offense and defense, the Assassin was made to attack targets who cannot defend themselves- hurt, attacking someone else, out of Energy, etc. That's when an Assassin will succeed with his spike and do real damage.

    Attacking targets who can defend himself- that's the job of Warriors, of tanks. They may miss, be neutralized or even get hurt- but they can take it.

    That's when the Assassin sneaks around and behind and puts a knife in the back of the target.

    Lastly, the Assassin is a new Profession. We still have to wait for its actual release and final build to see what we can really do with and against it. Any real weaknesses of and counters for the Assassin have yet to be discovered.

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    I disagree as well.

    Deadly Arts:
    Iron Palm > Entangeling Asp
    Follow up with Aftershock or some other beatdown skill.
    You'll still be a Melee guy since your in their face

    Shadow Arts:
    Way of the Fox > (any lead attack) > Blinding Power > Unseen Fury
    Expensive? not really. . . All these skills could cost 5. Consider the costs of forcing hit on a target normally Assassins are like Wall-Mart

    If you want to see a build that is entirely "ignore defense" you can scroll down to my reply of this post:


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