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    Necro gathering?

    The mesmer subforum on this site has started to gather 8-man parties consisting only of mesmers to try to beat highlevel areas such as tombs, SF, fow and uw. I was thinking this is something which would be fun to try with necros as well.

    I'm wondering if other people would be interested in this? Having some time each weekend we'd try to gather up as many necros as possible, and go as a full necro team (or multiple teams if there's lots of necros for the event) and try to complete a high level area.

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    I've always wanted to be in an all Necro party. Sign me up!

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    MYWAY ftw!

    Rane Juntou will gladly offer his services. I can reroll to just about any build we need

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    In game look up P H Y R E X I A. I'm in

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    Karla Lodoss will be there!!!!! just tell me when and where

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    Count me in! I'm mostly familure with Blood but given the chance i think i could pick up other builds.

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    count me in prolly: mort haine

    believe i can play domination mesmer and trapper (and normal necro builds offcourse)

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    I'm game as well. Just gotta get them up to snuff! Sardo Numpsa or Death By Bunnie.

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    count me in, Happy and Sad is my gamer handle, i play Blood Vamp best although i can to other builds..

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    my guild does this a lot (chk out the whole Nekro guild thread)

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