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Thread: 4 pips too much

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    GWOnline.Net Member CKaz's Avatar


    4 pips too much

    I've been thinking about this and still it doesn't jive

    I'm sorry but its

    2 pips for warrior (physical melee)
    3 for ranger (physical ranged)
    4 for caster (multiple variants, wanding and staffing)

    and 4 pips for the fastest physical melee type?
    who gets mana return on crits and increases crit chances?
    who attacks faster than any of the above?
    who can use zealous mods (casters cant)
    who can use maintains better than warr and ranger (only 2, 3 pips)

    which given all the above suggests they'll make mana possibly faster than any current caster character designed today to only do just that?

    Also given all the skills are mana and most attacks, as pointed out R/A will also be arguably over the top. Sure you lose the assassin primary but everything sooo much cheaper with expertise and once again load up with zealous - yikes.

    Just make a lot more sense at 3 pips. I think about what my warrior does with 2 in some combinations with zealous, and think about how much over the top a 4 pip melee zealous crit-energy returning spamming assassin can do, ie I'd be surprised if a/mo >>> w/mo, biggest reason being the pips & speed & zealous mod results even before factoring more crits + energy.

    Guess we'll see what happens!


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    That's interesting . . .I didn't really notice during the pvp weekend. . .I just assumed assassins had 3 energy regen like rangers

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    GWOnline.Net Member Yazoo's Avatar

    I think its because Assasin Primary can use Spells, Hexes and Enchants like a Caster (4 pips) and a melee warrior primary dont use that kind of skills so 2 pips for him.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Valice's Avatar

    It's because combos use energy. Because you chain them together so quickly, you need the mana to keep up.

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    Warriors use adrenaline for the most part, they hardly even need energy. Plus their armor is way better in the defense catagory.

    Rangers have expertise...do I need to argue for the effectiveness of this?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Goldfish God's Avatar

    I would say it is slightly bemusing. I didn't really play assassins during the beta, but I kinda thought the critical hits returning energy would provide a similar energy management effect as ranger's expertise. I.e. a semi-regular energy return for each successful strike compared to rangers reduced intial cost.

    If it really isn't an effective source of energy as I expected I guess they really need 4.

    But I would think they're way more likely to burn through their mana with all those combos flying.

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    You have to take into account that Assassins' daggers are "both hands" weapons- no room, for an off-hand unless they take a one-handed weapon (based on secondary). Even with 4 pips, they only get maximum of 20 Energy IIRC, unless they were their special armor.

    Even if it's not much of a weakness, most of their skills have long recharge times, so they can't use all that Energy anyway. For that matter, though they have rather low-costed skills, most of them have to be used in chains, so the cumulative cost is pretty great.

    One thing, though: high Dagger Mastery (thus high chances for double attacks) combined with the Zealous mod for daggers can be pretty nasty.

    But all in all, I say keep it as is. It may seem unbalanced, but given that Assassins are almost mage/Mesmer/Monk fragile once they start taking hits, this seemingly huge advantage may be needed to keep them playable. They weren't dominating nor broken during the beta where we saw them having the 4 pips, which indicates ANet is on the right track for them.

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    Once you actually *play* an assassin, you realize it is in fact quite balanced. I had definite issues with energy at times. Its quite easy to burn through your supply quickly. Reducing their pips of regen *will* permanently gimp the class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lord of Bones
    Once you actually *play* an assassin, you realize it is in fact quite balanced. I had definite issues with energy at times. Its quite easy to burn through your supply quickly. Reducing their pips of regen *will* permanently gimp the class.

    strongly agree

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    From the beginning I've said that Assassins are overpowered:

    - critical damages
    - Stealth
    - Fast attack
    - 4 Pips of regeneration
    - ....

    Now, please don't give me the 'with *whatever* build they drop like flies', because that applies to any class/build.

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