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    Collectors Shields & Helms !!! (Locations)

    Hi ppl, ive made this post cause i need to find some collectors Shields and Helms.

    Actually i have this collectors shields/helms:

    While Hexed Shield:

    This shield is located just outside Camp Rankor on snake dance.

    While Enchanted Shield:

    Located in the western side of Mamnoon Lagoon. I have the armor +12 from there, i dont know if theres a armor +16 collector at the moment. I know there was one in the past but Anet take it out, if they had put it back again plz tell me, i havent played in a long time.

    Duelist Helm (sword):

    Located in Amnoon Oasis

    Dwarven Helm (helm):

    Located in Amnoon Oasis

    And i would like experienced warriors and ussers to help me and other ppl to find some of this collectors shields/helms:

    1) Lieutenants Helm, click here for pic.
    2) While in a Stance Crimson Carapce Shield.
    3) Axe +1 Collector Shield.

    And if there are any more rare collector shield or helm plz put a pic and where to find it.

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    lieutanants helm can be crafted in henge of denravi, the stance shield is somewhere in the crystal desert, but i forgot, you can refer to this http://members.skill-club.com/TriX/G...tors_table.htm
    and i never heard of a +1 axe shield, sounds incredibly odd

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    ok thx allot

    i mean the axe+1 helm, i cant edit that :(

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    no problem man, you can refer to that website for help if you need to find stuff

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    GWOnline.Net Member Endamir's Avatar

    The collector with the stance shield is located a bit north from the Thirsty River mission. He wants 5 Bleached Shells (NOT Carapaces) for an item. Those shells are dropped by Sand Wurms and Siege wurms in the Desert.

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    I didnt see where to get the tactians helm? if some one could please post where that helm is i would appreciate it.

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