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    Scammers are teh lowest of society...=-=

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    I haven't bought many things from other players and most of the people I have bought stuff from have been friends or clan mates that I have known for a while.

    The biggest problem is that a lot of people have an "I WANT IT NOW!!" attitude and scammers use that to thier advantage.

    Most of the time you *can* get the item you want if you have enough patience, without resorting to paying out vast amounts of gold for what is in reality a peice of equipment that you can pick up yourself.

    As far as selling stuff is concerned, if I have something I don't need or can't use, I'll send a general shout out to the clan to see if anyone wants it and sell it to them or if that doesn't work, there is always the merchants.
    You won't get as much for it I know, but at least you know they aren't trying to rip you off

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    GWOnline.Net Member Fay Vert's Avatar

    I always give any of my spare stuff to guildies and friends. Last night, a really nice person came up to me and just gave me a green bow. That person gained more than some digits in a coin box, they gained respect, both for themselves and their guild.

    It's a game, we play it for fun, it's really sad how even in GW people attach importance to gold and items, friendship and fun is vastly more precious, so I feel sorry for the scammers.

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    GWOnline.Net Member CÚrilia's Avatar

    To play this game without knowing there are scammers all around the place seems hard to me. Given that, we just have to pay attention to what we do while selling stuffs.

    On topic I'm not sure there are more scammers around now than before...

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    I hate scammers... Must be my fault cause when ever i go to UW to duo farm ectos when ever the monks gets three ectos in a row they log out and start to ignore me...

    Even old friends do this to me... This sickens me.

    But i won't stop trusting random people just cause they can or might trick me. Trust is gain with trust, that's how i see it.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Aceva's Avatar

    It's so sad that people resolve to scamming as a way to make money in a game.
    It's not like it's that hard to make money. Why throw away your integrity just to make fake money in a game? It's so pointless

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aceva
    It's so sad that people resolve to scamming as a way to make money in a game.
    It's not like it's that hard to make money. Why throw away your integrity just to make fake money in a game? It's so pointless

    Some people are just... if I can't say anything nice... anyway, the only advice I can give is take your time and check everything cause once it's done it's done. There's not much Anet can do once a transaction is complete.

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    Guy was selling the iris flowers you pick up in pre-searing for 2-4k a piece on valentines day. Peeps were asking if anything special was happening for the holiday, adn the guy worked on that to sell the things lol

    After i called him on it in pm's (im the type to ask questions onto why yer doing the scam / cheating , ect) he said i was harassing him and he'd tell on me lol

    Wouldnt have minded it (if yer stupid enough to fork over hard earned gold for something that has no use, then you deserve to be ripped off) but he was playing on the "offical event day" aspect of the flowers-valentines day.

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    GWOnline.Net Member ckwok's Avatar

    I saw some1 selling an ecto for 5k 1 day. I ran up to him and put in 5k at the trade channel and he puts in a mursaat token. Argg, another scammer. So, I dropped all the stuff from my storage into my inventory, all filled up. Then accepted the trade, but because of my full inventory, the trade automaticly cancelled. He very confused and want to trade again, I put in 5k again and hit accept. He hit accept and the trade cancelled. We kept doing this for another 10 times. Then I put in 100k =P He was so confused and irritated, really funny to see. At the end I said "lovelly to play with scammers" and then he left. That made my day.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Goldfish God's Avatar

    I've taken to selling my greens to the merchant since nobody seems to want them when I sell them for 2k each & I'm too lazy to keep trying to sell

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