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    Lightbulb ok. . .Follow my logic here. . .

    In factions warriors are getting an elite skill called "Protector's Stance". It allows the warrior to block attacks for any allie nearby (essentially ward range) Every time the warrior blocks he takes 30 or so damage. The only catch is that the warrior can't move. If he does the stance ends.

    I see this as a real opportunity to create an immovable object.

    The skill may fall under tactics, but if it's strength you could put Dolyak on your warrior and make him a beast.

    Your warrior won't be able to walk, but he should still be able to pivet and even attack.

    So what i'm thinking is you can have your monks run around you warrior in a circle and the warrior can use Protector's Strike against anything chasing the monk. (a skill also found under strength).


    *MaximumSquid begins dancing

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    I'm no PvP player, but... wouldn't that mean that the Warrior is now a sitting duck for ranged attacks and spells? Not to mention that the opposing players wouldn't have to worry about the Warrior attacking them.

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    sitting duck for AOE hexes.....

    sure would love to pull even a Fevered Dreams build against that....mmhmmm

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    Is that skill actualy confirmed? The skills mentioned in this topic:
    does not seem like such safe bets. The way its written, and some of the skills feels a bit out of place/unserious.

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    Well to be fair the skills mentionned there are the ones that came up in a magazine that made a special cover of Faction

    My guess is that ANet asked the journalists to stay in the grey so to speak because they didn't want to already define them completely, it seems like a safe bet to say those skill names will be in Faction, their description however will probably be quite different from what was given.

    To be sure of this just go on Guildwars.com in the skills description part and check the descriptions present there, some of them are really different from what we actually have in game

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    If you want to evade things, just take that Ritualistspirit and Oath Shot. That way your warrior can still do what he is supposed to do, deal damage.

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    Or you can have an Elementalist and use Ward Against Melee o.O

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    Interesting skill... and one that has great potential for Altar holding...

    Protector's Stance + Healing Seed + Spell Breaker

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    As far as i know, NOTHING written by ANet says that the warrior loses health when blocking.

    If you took that from the description below, i'll repeat again that it's something I INVENTED 4 months ago. Just look at the date on my post. I was trying to come up with skills from other classes that would help lower monk's burden because the thread was about that.

    Is it a coincidence that ANet made a skill basically identical to what i made up with the same name? I don't know. But atm, i don't see any reason to guess that the warrior loses health when blocking considering absolutely nothing states that in ANet's current description

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