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Poll: Considering the build you run MOST OFTEN, how much do you use your secondary class?

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    How much do you use your secondary?

    I did a quick search and didn't see any recent threads asking this question, and I'm curious, so...

    Aside from the main question, I'd like to know about people's favourite inter-class skill combos - things that you feel work particularly well together. OoB + Divine Boon is a popular example, but what ones do you use that are perhaps less known?

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    As a Mesmer i rarely use my secondary
    As an ele i do tend to have at least 2 skills from secondary
    As a warior, just look at the trend of wariors every warior SHould use his seconday
    As a ranger like the ele i tend to use skills from secondary
    As necro it really depends on the build but most yes.

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    As a Ranger Trapper, if in PvP, I use Concentration so I can't be interupted.

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    I find with my monk that it is situational. Most of the time I am set pure monk for spikeheal (especially for FoW runs etc). I also have a build for Mo/Me that is designed to Echo Spell Breaker. When I am out with henchies I often switch to Mo/Ra to bring my Bear along and my bar half fills with BM skills.

    My Warrior is almost pure Wa with a couple Ra skills usually tied to her bow.

    My Ranger has a couple monk skills sometimes. Usually he's pure Ranger though but that is just because I am exploring with him.

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    When I first started playing guild wars, I used my secondary often. Lately I've been using my primary only, because I can use runes to beef up all my attributes.

    I still use my secondary with my N/Me, mainly because the Mesmer and Necro skills compliment each other so much.

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    Hmm... I really do think that any combination will work, but some of the more popular ones are W/Mo (obviously), Me/N or N/Me, N/Mo, E/Mo... hmm... I've seen a recent increase in N/E.

    My first character was a R/E, and I used to bring skills like flare or immolate, or maelstrom if needed. Towards late game, I pretty much became pure ranger... Changed into R/Mo for rebirth :D

    As for my Mo/Me, if I play as my usual protector, I bring Mantra of Recall (mesmer elite). If out with guildies/friends, I might bring some mesmer interrupts :p

    My Me/N used to use blood and inspiration, but recently changed to domination and inspiration.

    My newest character, a N/Mo, brings some healing or protection spells during missions, just in case :D

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    Piken Square


    Poison is the Warrios friend.

    As is Troll Unguent.

    And of course, the pet. But that is a point to argue...

    Iīm a Warrior/Ranger, I quite often use my secondary class. Poison kills faster, Troll Unguent heals better than Healing Signet, as it doesnīt require tactics, which I donīt have.

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    Personally for me, I use a monk with 5e heals, 16 Divine Favor and 15 Healing.

    Glyph of Renewal + Divine Spirit and Blessed Aura (with like 36% longer enchantment duration) to maintain my Divine Spirit constantly, giving me a lovely constant 1e heals.

    15 energy to get glyph of renewal + Divine Spirit combo going.
    10 energy to maintain it if Divine Spirit is active when recasting it.
    1e per 5e heal.

    I outdid the damgae of most guys in random arenas easily. with over 50% energy at all times.

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    well, it just depends on what you have and / or like

    Mes/N almost never use secondary

    W/Mo 2-3 monk skills

    R/Mes fairly even as I pay mostly as interrupt specialist

    E/Mo here's my interesting one. I use almost everything secondary. she's basically a monk but with heavy points in energy storage. I found the loss of a single superior rune based monk skill set was easily offset by having twice the normal energy total. works very well for me. as I don't believe in the whole 55hp thing, this works well.

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    Nice question, never thought about it more closely.

    I think there is only few pure builds that I have used in PvP but in PvE I tend to make almost everytime a pure one as soon as I get the skills to make it.. Don't know why.. Makes me ponder

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