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    Long-Time Player Looking For PvE/PvP Guild

    I've been playing since GW release, and I do have a clue about how to play. (Hence my abilities to write an FAQ )

    I am merely dissatisfied with my current guild since the friends I have in the guild are online for 2 hours every two weeks.

    I think there was 1 GvG in 1 month. And one of the Necromancers in that GvG brought his pet for no apprarent reason.

    So, I want to enter a guild with people who know what they are doing. Not necessarily a guild that does hardcore HA, but a guild who has an idea how to play competively and does GvG often.

    My main characters are my Necromancer (Syria Blackblood) and my Monk (Syria Lightbound), both of which have cleared the PvE Missions. (I also do have an Elementalist, but due to the AoE nerf...no one likes her.)

    I CAN play other classes (I like the MoP Mesmer), but I can't really do the Warrior and Ranger as well as my Necro.

    I do have Ventrillo, but I do not have a mike (I don't think you want to hear a 15 year old talking through a mike! Yes, I am 15 years old. If you don't like it, live with it)

    If there is any intrest, post here (please don't PM me. I don't like PMs.)

    I mainyl just want to get a guild before Factions. After that, it'll be quite difficult.
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    I will love to have you in my guild Rage Against the System RATS
    We will do guild battles as many as possible. a lot of us are very active including me.

    PM me- Love Honor in Vegas
    Death Apperantace

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    nice well if your interested click here..


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    Hello Zingeri!

    We're always interested to have new members around. You could be interested by our guild. We have a cape, a guild hall, TeamSpeak and a website with a forum.

    For more informations, see our entry here:


    Have fun!!!

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    Gongsan Yue
    If you haven't already joined a guild, then you may consider ours...We have cape, halls and members who love gvg (we do them whenever we can). Most players have at least 1 character level 20. If you want, you can contact me in this thread, or on gw my name is Gongsan Yue.

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