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    Beastiary project

    I know its been almost a year since anyone has posted in this section, but this seemed the most logical place for me to post my plans for making a beastiary on species found in the Guild Wars Universe. that being said, however, I am in the army and currently deployed, so I have quite a few demands on my time and progress may be quite slow at times. Basicly my life consists of missions and GW at this point in my life. In any case, any help on such a project would be appreciated if anyone is into that sort of thing.

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    Could you provide any more information on what you were wanting to do? A bestiary of tamable animals? Or of tamable and non-tamable? Would you like it to include even the sentient races? A little more information would help any interested in assisting you.

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    I was thinking more along the lines of the non-tamable animals, though I could include those too. I wouldn't mind including sentient races also, though most of them already have a lot of lore posted about them already. So its really just a matter of getting all that information in one place. For now though I think I'll try to gather any useful or interesting information on non-tameable animals and try to make a decent classification system for them.

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    By non-tamable animals, do you mean things like the moss spider and non-targetable animals? Or do you mean like skales, gargoyles, elementals - similar to the section of the Prophecies manuscripts where it mentions the hostile wildlife. Which actually includes 3 cultured and semi-cultured races, and some tamable animals.

    I'll be willing to help, though animals are not really my forte in the lore. I think what you should do is to create a format for how you want the pages to be like, or a list of info you want. Then it would be easier to get help from others, as they could just fill in the gaps for what you cannot get/do, then you compile everything.

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