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    My new ***...assin drawing

    i figured i would try a anime type drawing since its been about 8 years since i have drawn anime...

    Here she is:

    its based off of the Wallpaper from GuildWars.com since i have that staring at me every day

    Leave any and all thoughts on it

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ju Smurph's Avatar

    I like YOUR drawing style better... though i knew a person that looked like

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    lol ok ty i shall hahaha... anyone else got some comments

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    GWOnline.Net Member actionjack's Avatar

    I like the Utral Low Pants.... Rrrrrrrr

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    Somethin' tells me it's a little TOO low.

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    there is no such thing as too low pants

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Constructive criticism!1 Ok so it's just criticism. Sue me.

    Shoulders and upper-torso are too wide for my tastes.
    Arms are too wide and bulky.
    Hands are tiny.
    Neck looks odd.
    Shape of the head seems to be a bit off.
    Pants not low enough.

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    Ugh...Straight people, such lechers. -.-

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    Well i wasn't ready to go back to drawing so i tried another anime one:

    there she is

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    The pants are still too low. >_<

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