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    Assassin Simulator

    No it's nothing as cool as say a damage calculator or some of the stuff that theorycraft makes.

    This is simply a pre-factions build that runs as closely to an assassin as possible.

    To run this build you will need a E/W with the following attributes and skills:

    Energy Storage: 4 (3+1)
    Water Magic: 14 (12+2)
    Swordsmanship: 12

    Hundred Blades [Elite] (Swordsmanship)
    Sever Artery (Swordsmanship)
    Flurry (Warrior other)
    Final Thrust (Swordsmanship)
    Frozen Burst (Water Magic)
    Armor of Mist (Water Magic)
    Conjure Frost (Water Magic)
    Resurrection Signet ()

    You run in fast, slow the enemy, inflict good damage, and have finishing moves.

    Obviously take a cold sword on enchant and a +hp / energy off hand on enchant.

    I recommend you hit your buffs. . .scream somethign stupid to pull attention and run in and do your opening combo which is going to be hundred blades / frozen burst. Flurry and hundred blaze will charge your adrenline amazingly quick.

    Only thing the build lacks that all assassins should have is a self heal.

    It's a fun build, and you can hit and run just like a real assassin.

    I recommend you be a total whore to warriors

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    for a bad simulation of assassin teleporting, use necro death magics like consume corpse and that other one

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    Please tell me: where do you get these ideas
    This sounds pretty nice build. A shame that it doesn't work on the other way around (W/E)

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    Why not Galrath Slash instead of Sever Artery? This will make the build more capable of handling non-fleshy/living targets in PvE, while giving it a spike that combines well with Final Thrust.

    Why not "For Great Justice!" instead of Flurry? I'm just worried Flurry's -25% damage clause will affect your spike melee attacks, like Final Thrust, not to mention simply lower your basic damage dealing capabilities (I computed it- Flurry doesn't actually increase your damage output). Also, I figure the adrenaline gain will be greater with FGJ!.

    I was going to suggest Hamstring to make doubly sure your targets can't escape after you spike them with Frozen Burst, but I worry about the Energy constraints of something like that. Perhaps Ice Spikes if so. This could replace Conjure Frost, but I'm not too sure as I have little experience with the Conjure spells. You might end up smashing your own Armor of Frost accidentally in the chaos of battle with Conjure, nevermind careful timing and management. Your call, sir.

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    Galrath could probably work, and could easily be better. .. i'll have to give it a go.

    Flurry is the choice to have since you can spam it easily with the ele's energy and not worry about the recharge. ALso it doesn't affect Conjur frost so the actual damaeg reduction is much lower than what is listed.

    Ham is cool, but the damage and AOE is Frozen is better. Also hex slow downs are a much bigger pain to remove. Keep with hit and run I try to get the entire enemy team to attack me initially . . .I hit frozen and then run away. :)

    I've had my enchants get interupted before, or drained, but it's not a big deal.

    My friend used this build yesterday to farm faction. I guess he got 8k in no time. It sucks in Ta, but it's a beast in Ra!

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