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    Skills Help Needed

    I just got this game and don't understand the skills thing at all.

    I have asked in every single district and no one helps me.

    How do I train skills? Please tell me where the trainers are and at what level I need to be at before I get to train skills.

    In depth explainations would be appreciated.

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    Since you just got this game, I presume you are in the tutorial part still (Ascalon City; where everything is green and good?)

    You can get skills in two different ways:
    - as quest rewards. Certain quests will give you 2 skills as a reward. Just look for quests that give this reward, finish the quest, and go back to the NPC that handed out the quest.
    - skill trainers in towns and outposts. Still assuming you are in green Ascalon: there's no skill trainer there. You need to leave the tutorial part to meet the first skill trainer. Skills cost some money and 1 Skill Point btw.

    Most skills can be gotten through simple quests though.

    So, your only way to get skills in the first part of the game is through quests. Just follow the quests and you'll come across some.

    Oh, and PS...You don't need a specific level to get skills. Also, you can ONLY get skills from your primary and secondary class.

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    If you just got this game then chances are you are still in pre (the nice green lush area in the game).

    If you are still in pre there are quests you can obtain from people that will give you skills. Hmmm, here is a list of the different quests available to you in Pre-Searing: http://quests.gwonline.net/listquests.php?type=1

    Just go and talk to the people with the green ! points over there head and make sure you read what they tell you because it usually gives you some hints as to what to do or where to go. In pre you get your first set of skills by going outside the front gate of Ascalon and talking to that guy outside.

    There is no level to obtain skills. But you will have to decide on a secondary class. So just experiment with the different secondaries before you decide on one. You'll find the secondary profession quests scattered. The mesmer is right outside Ascalon gate and to the right (up at the top of the hill). You'll find the Necro in the catacobs inside Asford Abby. Warrior is in the entrance of Green Hills colony. The ranger is in regent valley. The monk is in Ashford Abby. The Ele is in wizards folly.

    I think that's a good start. Just go exploring. If you die you'll get res'd, just kill things and explore and talk to the people with the green ! over their head and you'll get some quests. Do the quests go back to them and they'll give you XP rewards.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    I am understanding your question in a different way apparently. I'm seeing it as "How to I improve the skills I have". If this is the case, here's my answer.

    There is a difference between Skills and Attributes. "Training" a skill simply means to acquire it. "Training" an Attribute costs Attribute Points, and usually increases the effectiveness of your Skills.

    You need to understand how your attribute points work in relation to your skills.

    Hit your H key and it will bring up your hero window, with a list of your attributes. Which attributes you have is based entirely on what professions you have chosen (note that each profession has 1 attribute that you only get if it's your primary profession, such as Strength for a Warrior, or Energy Storage for an Elementalist.)

    Here you will also see a total of how many Attribute Points you have.

    As you gain levels, you get more Attribute Points which you can put into these attributes to buy ranks. If you hover over each of them it will show you a description of each attribute and what it does. Some have specific effects of their own, for example Divine Favor for a primary monk will give +3 healing per rank to an ally for each monk spell you cast on them. Others have no inherent effect, but will boost the effects of skills that fall under that attribute. You can find what skills are for which attribute by hitting your K key , or by hovering over each individual skill on your skill bar.

    You will notice that as you spend points on your Attributes, each rank costs more than the last. You click the up arrow to buy a rank, and the down arrow to "sell" a rank and get the points back. The number on the arrow shows how many points you will spend/receive. The heirarchy of cost to purchase each rank is (by Rank = Points to buy): 1=1, 2=2, 3=3, 4=4, 5=5, 6=6, 7=7, 8=9, 9=11, 10=13, 11=16, 12=20. Note that it takes a total of 97 points to raise a skill up to 12. 12 is the highest you can get a skill without runes or head armor (which you will be able to get once you reach Post-Searing). Also, some weapons/offhand items give a % chance to increase the effective ranks of a skill by +1 each time you use a skill based off that attribute.

    Experiment with your Attribute Points to find what best suits you. Do not worry about where you put your points if you're not sure. You can always change it again, but as with skills only within a town.

    Also, note that the Skills you can acquire in Pre-Searing is limited to a select few. There are 5-8 skills for each profession in Pre. A nice list can be found at

    along with some good tips for Pre-Searing.

    Once you've moved on to Post-Searing, the game changes. It is much bigger, and you have access to a Storage agent (like a bank that all your characters have access to for a one-time charge of 50g per char), Skill Merchants, Armor Crafters, Dye Traders, and more.

    Have fun learning the game. There's only one kind of death penalty, and that's only in Post-Searing. You lose 15% of your max Health and max Energy for each death up to -60%. But that gets cleared as soon as you enter a town. It's not permanent.

    So feel free to explore, and die, then explore some more. The more you do, the more you'll learn. The more you learn, the more fun Guild Wars will become.

    Just IMHO.
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    Don't forget to read the manual. It explains all the basics pretty well, and suprisingly, it hasn't completely gone out of date like the Prima guide.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I finally understand now that you get skills from doing quests.

    I had no skills so basically I couldn't kill anything but level 0 creatures. I didn't understand the part about there not being any skill trainers until I left noobland.

    Now that I get it the frustration is over.

    Thanks all-

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