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    GRRRR One of those days!

    I'm sure you've all had them, well I just had mine and after punching my table and kicking my computer, I decided to share this with the rest of you;
    I started playing today by doing a bit of farming, so I went out and got crappy loot for 3 runs.. and finally got a rune of superior vigor (yay I thought, at last something I can sell). So I get back to town and use a superior salvage kit and get... 3 bolts of cloth. Woopee.
    My next spot of luck came when I decided to do Villainy of Galrath on my newly lvl 20 mesmer. I get all the way to the tower (I'm sure you all know how long that takes), and just as I target Galrath, *CRASH* my PC freezes.
    3. I am getting quite peeved at this point as I'm sure you realise, so decide to do some nice and easy low level questing with my lvl 15 monk. Okay. All fine, I'll do D'allessio Seaboard, that's not too hard. All's going well, I pick up the offering to Melandru, get to Dorian, and just as we finish helping Dorian, someone says "I'm wielding a... blah blah" so I thought I'd do the same. "I'm wielding a..." CRASH. Me having control + clicked my weapon selected drops the Offering. Bonus failed >=(
    So I'm just about to go finish the mission and guess what!

    (Error 7)


    Well.. Had to share it =P

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    So I get back to town and use a superior salvage kit and get... 3 bolts of cloth.
    Used a regular salvage kit by accident? Otherwise that shouldn't happen, not on armor drops, hope they haven't changed it.

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    I was salvaging runes this morning before with superior and got constant runes - i do not believe this is broken.

    Everyone has bad days ><

    Naru Soulfire

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    You don't fail the bonus if you drop it, that's a popular myth. All you need to do is just go pick up a new offering. Dropping it is really your own fault believe it or not. You used a salvage kit and not the superior version because superior always salvages from monster armor. This is a game so don't get stressed about it, if you are having trouble with GW go do something else for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortal Transfer
    "I'm wielding a..." CRASH. Me having control + clicked my weapon selected drops the Offering. Bonus failed >=(
    For future reference, dropping the offering doesn't make you fail the bonus. Just go pick up another. :)

    But ack. I hate days like those x_x;

    And to be completely random, I really wish they'd change the error message to error 7, because we all know what's *really* happening. Someone at ANet sneezed a bit too close to the server causing something to dislodge and makes a few connections go poof!
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    lol nah I had to post it because I found it funny, not because I was venting. But I checked my inventory and yes I used a normal salvage kit =P

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    It's kinda stupid that you drop the offering when you switch weapons... But yeah, you can just go back and pickup another one. Oh and runes ALWAYS salvage from armour if you use a superior/expert kit.

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    Dont worry about the runes either. I had about 16 of them I had picked up over time. I spent over 20 minutes trying to sell them in Ascalon and had not even 1 person ask about them. Had some good ones too!

    I eventually sold them back to the skills trader for a pittance.

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    The player to player rune market is dead. Most people either already have the runes they want, or don't bother shouting for 20 minutes to save 10 plat on a rune...

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    I could never really be bothered to buy Superior Salvage kits. Buying Experts was usually the line. -yawns and kicks back in his chair, his feet up on the table-

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