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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wandering Slacker View Post
    Well, I haven't quite beat GWEN yet, but I thought maybe I'd revitalize this thread. I came across another Bloodstone, as many have by now, west of Droknar's Forge. It is located deep in a dungeon (3 floors down) at the southwestern tip of Sparkfly Swamp... which is just northeast of the proposed former kingdom of Orr (that shattered looking tip of the Crystal Desert).

    The Great Destroyer's motives also seem to be much more simplistic than what I'd suggested, lol.
    Yeah, there is a 3rd confirmed bloodstone location...now where the bloody hey are the other two lol?


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    Just thought id point out, that people assuming the ring of fire bloodstone has to be the keystone because it guards the lock on the door of kormalie isnt necessarily the case. The keystone wasnt created to imprision the titans, but to be the key to reassembling the bloodstones. Its use to power the soul batteries was a secondary use by the mursaat (granted, probably with some form of 'divine' help). The fact that it remains in the volcano, so far from the other pieces, however, does lend some credence to the the thought that it might be the keystone.

    Question? Could the Lich have bound Rurik as an undead because he was a descendant of King Doric and might have some ability with the bloodstones? Also, if its his line's task to guard the stones, doesnt that suggest that King Adelbern's little destructive act that hasnt happened yet might have been to prevent the charr from reaching the stone? And perhaps the two swords either channel or draw on the power of the stone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by terakhan View Post
    Assuming each stone represents one of the spellcaster classes and their brands of magic:
    Preservation = Monks (as visible by the healing waters of Maguuma)
    Denial = Mesmer (lets face it, no one else is as good at it)
    Destruction = Elementalist (raw torrential forces of nature)
    Aggression = Necromancer (forcing corpses to rise to fight again, even against their own former allies)

    We know of one bloodstone, and I know which one it is. In the (go figure on this part, eh?) Bloodstone Fen, we have the first we encounter. This stone seems rather passive on the outside, becoming little more than a sacrificial ground. But the manuscript says that the powers of the stones started leaking into the surrounding area. What is unique about the entire northern Maguuma Jungle, particularly the waters? The natural healing aura (aka Mending Junior). So we have the Preservation stone located for sure.

    Edit: To remove the post -- found what I was looking for in the Prophecies manuscript.

    Apologies for pulling this up.
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    the other reason why the ring of fire one is thought to be the keystone is because its smaller then the bloodstone fen one, and it seems to serve some other purpoise, else the mursaat would maybe just sacrefice chosen at the caldera, but seems they dont.

    now we talk about this, im still wondering why we found the lich in the realm of torment, when we kill the soul batteries, the spirits are released, shouldnt the lich's spirit be in the soul batteries?, if he is, how can he be in the realm of torment if his spirit is locked in those batteries.

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    I Made a map whith where the Bloodstones are and where they Posible can land .. the other 2
    GREEN = Bloodstone
    RED = Possible landing spot
    , The one in the sea is very posible because the Stones where shot in diferent Directions, so it can be that 1 or both the Bloodstones can be katapult in sea.

    and the bloodstone evennia and that other girly (Whats her name?)
    are being sacrificed on by the mursaat thats the one is near shiverpeak, or actualy at the doorstep of the shiverpeaks.
    AND, i didnt mark it bu perhaps a bloodstone can be on the tarnisht coase..
    maybe its just under the sea before a coast ore something


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    Quote Originally Posted by terakhan View Post
    Always did seem really stupid, regarding Evennia. She was captured in Sanctum Cay. Yet instead of just sailing her back to LA and marching her over to the Fen, they drag her up through the Shiverpeaks to try to sacrifice her on another
    I wasn't able to read far into this post for time reasons, but I wanted to go ahead and weigh in on this one real quick. My apologies if this has already been taken care of...

    It would seem to me that since the Shining Blade have a tendency to intercept the White Mantle's convoys of chosen en route to Bloodstone Fen, leading Evennia to that very same bloodstone is just begging for an ambush by the Shining Blade. Wouldn't it be more tactically sound to discreetly move her to somewhere farther away from the Shining Blade? And, as the Shining Blade are more accustomed to fighting in the jungles, the Southern Shiverpeaks seems like the perfect place to execute such a high profile prisoner.

    Just my thought...

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    That is a good point Braingoo, especially considering that in the Shiverpeaks even if they did escape they wouldn't know where to run as they're fairly unfamiliar with the terrain. Plus, the whole of the Shiverpeaks was covered with hostiles at the time.

    White Mantle.
    Stone Summit.
    Frost Wurms.

    Lack of knowledge regarding terrain.
    Constant fighting between the Dwarves making it difficult to find the Deldrimor Dwarves.
    A large army of Mursaat are patrolling a good portion of the mountains.

    Conclusion? If they escaped, without any outside help, they were almost certain to die.

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    Whew, good, so I didn't make myself look like a complete dufus on my sixth post in this forum. Though one other thing sticks in my head as sort of odd...I know that the bloodstones were scattered when the volcano in the Ring of Fire erupted, right? Well, I've seen the one at Bloodstone Fen and the one that seals up the titans and those things are huge! It must have taken some tremendous force from that volcano to scatter something that massive all over Tyria, to say nothing of several things that massive.

    Not only that, but would something that big really hold up under the release of all that potential energy? One poster's response about the possibility that the keystone being a small stone (small enough to put in the Scepter of Orr) sticks in my mind. Could it be possible that the gi-normous bloodstones like the ones that we see in Bloodstone Fen are actually just carved constructs with the real bloodstones imbedded in them? Perhaps the bloodstones themselves could be small enough to be held in one's hand and what we see as the bloodstones are merely large platforms that serve as some kind of focus for them.

    And if you follow the theory of the Charr using one of the stones in the searing, that would explain why we don't see a bloodstone in the cutscene.

    Probably ridiculous, but it's just a thought.

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    it can be trough, one drup of blood isnt gonna cover a whole stone of 2 meters..

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    Memento Vivere, Mystic Spiral

    Prophecies' "non-gore" factor during Bloodstone Fen aside, Justiciar Hablion pretty much chops all the Chosen their heads off. And the blood gushing out of that is quite a lot.
    Either way, I think the carvings on the bloodstone's center is where the blood/soul has to collect for absorption. And thats where the people get killed on.
    And iirc, the Lich has to be in the center, on those carvings as well, to be killed during Hell's Precipice.

    Still not sure if the Bloodstone in the Bloodstone Caverns is the Stone where Evennia & Saidra would be killed on. As the entrance is pretty much sealed up.
    Then again, this begs the question if the Mursaat didn't seal it when they knew Komalie would be opened and the Titans running around free.

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