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    Xoli the Benevolent

    Question re: life bond

    Does life bond reduce damage before or after protective spirit?

    E.g. if a player has 480 health and a warrior uses eviscerate on him that would do 100 damge but the player has prot spirit and life bond on him. Is the damage going to be 48 (min[100/2, 48]) or 24 (i.e. prot spirit reduces damage to 48 then life bond reduces it by 1/2).

    Also, does the order in which they are cast affect which one 'activates' first?


    p.s. search wasnt working so i apologise if this has been answered before

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    It reduces damage in the order they are cast, so it will first be life bond and then prot spirit.

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