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    Contrast and Brightness Issue

    Everything is fine with my monitor, other games, etc. But when I go full screen on Guild Wars it appears to have some sort of Brightness/contrast issue. Thing is it works perfectly fine when not in Full Screen but when I go full screen I get an image like this:

    (This was edited in Photoshop, for some reason Prt Sc and GW screenshots don't seem to capture it. So I just messed with the Contrast and Brightness to show an example)

    Where as GW is fine without full screen:

    I only updated my ATI drivers a couple of days ago so I would guess I'm upto date.

    Anyone else having the same issue and know the solution? I might just end up reinstalling as maybe .dat is corrupt from all the factions data it has been gathering. Or maybe it's my monitor? /shrug

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    Nevermind Just found out that the Fullscreen Gamma option had resetted itself to max for some reason.

    Mod please Delete/Lock

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    Heh I was gunna say check yer gamma slider, but you fixed it yourself. Nicely done!

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