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    Barrage/Pet in old UW?

    Barrage/pet works like a charm in Fissure of Woe, so has anyone tried it in UW (old uw that is, not Tombs)?

    The only problem in FoW was that we ran away from out fav winds all the time

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    I've been tempted to take a pet to UW, the biggest problem I can see with it is the Aataxes, once you get through those pets might come in handy..

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    Smite Crawlers would be a little problem since they use Shield of Judgment.

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    Tried it now but for some reason our minion master decided that invinci necro was better. He forgot to bring any self healing though. After 3 deaths from him on the first 9 aatxes we ran out of res signets
    After that it went better, pets died but so did aatxes and we didn't. Fun experiment, hopefully next time we'll have a group of sane people

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    Pure Beastmastery might work okay too. Having 8 pets is pretty effective, like having 3 permanent minions on a Barrage/Pet team. The big difference though is that with pure BM the pets stay alive a lot longer. People res them quicker too, so overall the bodyblocking is very nice.

    Are there a lot of enchanted foes in the UW? If so, Melandru's Assault will eat them for dinner.

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    Pets are just awesome!!! And with the new updates to the beastmastery line, they are even more effective!!!
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    Balanced groups always do the best in UW. The sorts of things you must face are too diverse for a "7 of x, 1 of y" build to work.

    PS: In the FOW, a single, living tank is the best bet. Having more then that will often kill anything near the primary tank, due to SS but mostly Mark of Pain.

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    Another FOW trip, this time
    1 Order necro (me)
    2 monks
    1 stance tank
    4 barrage/pet rangers

    Although next time we might as well scratch the pets, the only use was for energy for me (mostly because no necro at Temple of Ages was interested in going minionmaster but rather "echo/SS/SV/BR LF 55HP no n00bs")

    Cleared out most of FoW

    One thing to note - wailing lord does not like barrage

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    Are MM ineffective or somthing?

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    Once you get the book there really isn't any need for body blocking provided by the MM since everything will agro the tank holding the book.

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