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    I have to agree with the theory that "Giant's Basin" (or whatever it's called) is probably the region of both lakes and the land between the two lakes.

    Here's a Wikipedia article on "Basin":

    Basins, as you will see, cover a lot of land. However, they are usually not entirely filled with water. They are emptied.

    Thus, it strikes me as odd that a great body of saltwater would be called a "basin."

    Maybe there was a few mistakes done on the part of the game designers.

    Here's the Encarta Dictionary definition for "Basin":
    A broad area of land drained by a single river and its tributaries, or draining into a lake

    However, by "Giant's Basin", it might be referring to the lake(s) in a figurative sense. I noticed through my travels in the Guild Wars world that names often highlighted characters and lands figuratively, bringing a touch of humor to what would otherwise have been a ho-hum name.

    A prime example is "Ettin's Back."

    Is Ettin's Back a "back"? Of course not. It's barren land. One could say it's a canyon, technically. But that doesn't matter. The point is that the area we know as "Ettin's Back" is a barren land named to add a little humor to the area.

    Just some things to think about...
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    I would say, knowing the meaning of Basin, that the area was empty of water, or that the two likes were once much bigger, the currently large lake slowly being drained by the river.

    The "Giants" part, I would argue is named that because of the shape, looking at it, it kind of looks like a giant shoe print, that is, if you only look at half of the bigger lake.

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    How come the water is salty, when there's a large river ending in a delta into the ocean to the northwest?

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    I wonder if it's called the Giant's Basin because it's kinda like a bowl. It holds; or used to hold; enough water to satisfy a giant. I agree with mooed.

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