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    The The History of Tyria page on the Guild Wars site says that the Giant's Basin is on the Northern Coast of Kryta, it might be easier to see on this map of Tyria:

    This would seem to suggest that the Northern body of water is the Giant's Basin...

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    I travelled to teh watchtower coast north of beetletun in search of road signs. While I was unsuccessful I did manage to find one or two interesting structures there, those are posted in the new thread about the "unknown threat"

    The only evidence now supporting the Western body of waters name is the town descriptions of Divinity Coast and Beetletun and the previous post

    based on the descriptions and where the towns are in teh map tho, I cannot conceive how they could be referring to the Eastern body of water, but taht might be my bias showing through

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    Well, until further notice, let's define the two bodies of water as the Lesser Basin and the Greater Basin, the Greater being in the west, and the Lesser being in the East.

    I am still more inclined to believe the whole region is known as the Giant's Basin. I was looking at the ithmas between them, and I'm almost convinced it was once under water, or something like that.

    Also, check the symantics used. There is a difference between "Giant Basin", "Giant's Basin", and "Giants' Basin". They may have pulled something sneaky like that...

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    Good poitn on the semantics, because I noticed one thing.

    in game, all the references use the phrase "Giant's Basin" occasionally as "the Giant's Basin" , however as teh "the" is not capitalized I take it as separate from the name. But on the official lore site it says "from the far eastern reaches of the Crystal Desert to the Giants' Basin on the northern coast of Kryta" Note the differ in teh placement of the apostrophes, as quintus suggested. Perhaps this is a typo, but this doesnt resolve the issues as:

    pluralizing the title "Giant's Basin" is difficult, as two logical options are available, both "Giant's Basins" and "Giants' Basins" would be correct w/o knowledge of the possessive of the giant. Are both basins possessed by teh one giant or are they separate. im not a linguist so I dont know the proper English default, but "Giants' Basis" makes sense to me, pluralizing both parts of the phrase.

    Thus the lore could be a typo in two ways, it might have been intended as "Giant's basin" or as "Giants' Basins" or it coudl not be a typo at all, and then im just confused heh.

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    Jabbing in, as usual.

    In one of your posts, your reference Bettleton's description as helping define the location of the Giant's Basin strikes me as detremental to your case (not trying to put you down or anything, I hadn't though of the possiblity of the Giant's Basin being more then on lake). I say this mainly because it references the Watchtowers. I have explored all along the region, and to me, the watchtowers end near the settlement - they "watch" over the larger, western lake.

    As for the Threat across it, it could have been the Charr (although this to me shows ignorance on the Kyrtan's point - those towers are high enough you could see the Charr from across the Basin, and you would probably put seige weapons all along that coast and fire away - single day victory :P) but I think that it is more likely that it is the Titans - we have seen that the Charr worship them, and to get such detail as seen in the effigies would require to see them close. The Titans, as far as we know, are extremely ancient, at least back to before the Exodus (their "prison" is behind where the bloodstones would have once sat) this to me would indicate great threat - that you'd want to remove ASAP.


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    Well I have to defend my thesis:

    There are strong indications for each body of water being The Giant's Basin. While the descriptions of Divinity Coast and Beetletun are very conclusively referring to the Western body of water, one simply CAN'T deny the evidence of the signs in Northern Kryta Province: which I will again post for peer review

    every one of those signs says simply To The Giant's Basin

    And on the world map, that is the smaller, Eastern Body of water. To the right. Near the shiverpeaks.
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    I think that the Giant's Basin issue becomes a little bit more clear with the Rise of the White Mantle mission in the bonus pack. During the mission (and on this map) which takes place between both Basins you can see that they are both linked by multiple rivers. So it's quite possible that's they share a common salt water basin system and the 'Gaint's Basin' name.



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    In Beetlesrun it talks about a Stone Guard waiting for his enemies across the Great Basin I know this is'nt the subject about the two Basins having the same name it's just if Kryta have been around for some time now that Stone Guard may have been talking about the Ancient Mummies within the Vioxen Excavation. There must have been people who occupied Tarnished Coast the North and South this is the only theory to what I think that Stone Guard may have been talking about. Or it may have just been the Norns but I have weak evidencse to prove this. So my theory is that there was anthour Ancient Kingdom in the Tanished Coast. I just wanted to point this out because it is mentioned in this topic

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    Actually, that's just a description of the towers on Watchtower Coast. There aren't any actual stone soldiers.

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    O Very Sorry about that must of miss read it

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