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    Restless Farmer

    Question Giving your Guild a name

    Is it possible for someone to have the same guild
    name as yours? I know it's possible for another guild
    to have the same guild tag as yours. But what
    about your Guild name. A friend of my said he disband
    his solo guild because someone formed a active guild
    with the same name as his. Which pissed him off.
    I know I would be piss off. The reason he disband
    his solo guild was because it wasn't active and he
    didn't want to be called a Wanna Be. That's why
    when someone ask me whats my guilds name. I
    always say to that person don't worry about it.
    To keep things safe. So why it's it that easy to steal
    someone elses Guild name? If it is possible.

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    Same abreviations with certain caps locked characters but I doubt the same name. It can be close to the real thing but not exactly the same spelling.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Also look at l (small L) and I (capital i) in guild names. They might look the same.

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