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    Arrogant People Ruining Groups!

    I'm sorry, but I've gotta get this off my chest and I also want to know what everyone ELSE thinks: A few nights ago, I went down into the Fissure of Woe to do a Forgemaster Run. Now, Iset myself as a Boon Healer with SoJ for the "Text Bearer" (for the book trick) and smite hex for Spiteful Spirit blasts. This build has been VERY effective for me in the past few weeks. Usually, there is one other monk on the team, usually another healer or a bonder. At any rate, I went down the other night with a group, seemed to really know what they were doing. Then, after we complete the first quest, clearing the area and opening the chest, the warrior decides to say" Well, since we don't have a Bonder, we can't complete the rest, so I'm bailing". I told him that a bonder isn't NECESSARY, we had 2 monks and a good team. He INSISTED that a bonder was required and jumped! Since he was the only tank, no one wanted to continue.

    After 10 minutes of cursing worse than a shipload of necromancer/sailors, I joined another group where we did something like 8 - 9 of the other quests, all without a bonder! (BTW, in that run, I received 5 shards!)

    My question to the general populace: Does this happen often to other players? I mean, OK, I can see there being a concern in a group if you have 1 healer and the rest of the group is allout nuke: I can see where you have a group of healers and no damage dealer: You look at the dynamics of a group and determine if you want to stay in it. But THIS BOOB had just played the first group! He saw that we were all doing VERY WELL, (and we were) yet he arrogantly decides that the sun didn't particularly rise at the precise moment HE chose!?!!!

    OK, ..... I feel better now.... afterall, I DID get 5 shards in the next run.

    OK, I feel better! Thanks for the therapy!

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    That's common

    Quote Originally Posted by Saldonus Darkholme
    My question to the general populace: Does this happen often to other players?
    Yep, that happens a lot, all the time. It's one of the main reasons I'm worried about what's going to happen to the new players who join Factions. Some people think only very specific and few builds work, and everything else is trash.

    (That's one of the reasons why I'm very happy we cannot see each other's skill bar before we enter a mission. While this could stop some things - no more 55 Monk hiding as a common one - the amount of people who would be saying "OMG you don't have Echo and Meteor Storm!!!11111!!!!shiftoneone!!! k thx by n00b!" would be massive.)


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    your welcome that'll be $100 please...

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    I used to think its impossible without bonder, but what people forget is that most of the FoW creatures are just creatures of about lvl 24 - 28, a little stronger than what you fought in Ring of Fire island chain, without bonder

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    Yeah. Can I get some therapy too? I was trying to do a mission late at night and the area was empty. I got into a group with a warrior who asked me "what's your rank." I told him "I never play pvp." Then the dude kicked me and proceeded to run to the center of the town and do a rank emote. lol! I wanted to puke. What arrogance. Ahh, that is better. lol

    Anyway, yeah, I'm glad you got 5 shards. Funny enough, I quit for the night after that and then the next group I got into beat the mission in record time with only one death (last mission of the game.) So I guess the moral of the story is, don't let the man get you down.

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    Hahaha he kicked you? At least you got kicked from the right party then, he showed you he has no brains, most people find out halfway FoW ^^

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    that's another $50...

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    I would be surprised if this hasn't happened to every gw player at least once.

    Its the nature of things that people will always use builds that work and why I thank ANet for the skill balances every few months. It shakes things up and lets new player and team builds arise.

    Hopefully though us veterans of GW:P will help the GW:F newbies who haven't experienced GW before, learn that the cookie cutter builds are effective but you may get more out of the game by expermenting with builds yourself.

    Never know one of them may create the next IWAYesk build.

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    There's the chance that he didn't have any stance/defensive skills, so not having a bonder might have ruined it. But I agree in that the arrogance of some players is often worse than the newbie W/Mo that aggros everything :D

    I dunno, it reminds me of the time that I was bonding a 5 man SF group. After setting up life bond and barrier on everyone the healer tells me I must not have gotten the last 15 attribute points yet. (I had them, I use this character for pvp, so she's pretty decent). I explain that I have, then he starts whining how my life barrier is only stopping 42% of the damage, not 46%. I tell him he should probably be able to cope and that I didn't think the 4% really mattered, and the extra skill points are in Inspiration and Divine Favour.

    Well, this for some reason really ticks him off, when I tell him that I'm using a superior rune as well, he really starts ranting on about it, how he's done this run a hundred times and that the way he bonds is the best. Basically the tank dies because he is so busy trying to argue instead of healing, and the group splits.

    He then spends the next 10 minutes pm-ing me saying that it was my fault that we failed as he was so busy trying to educate me and share his wisdom and that I was stupid for not listening to experts like him X_X

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    It's the sole reason I never go with PUGs anymore... It's rather disapointing actually, as I used to enjoy playing with random teams and meeting new players... But there's always one who thinks he/she knows what every member of the team should be using/doing. And when they're not, they leave.

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