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    Character Selection Screen Not Auto-Arranging Characters?

    I frequently create and delete characters, especially for PvP. I noticed that the game would automatically arrange characters alphabetically, or re-arrange them and move all characters to the left whenever a character was deleted and left an empty slot.

    (A) (B) (C) (D)


    (E) (F) (G) (_)

    But after the last update, it seems this is no longer the case. I have character whose name starts with A, a character whose name starts with S, then one with T. I made a character who would be alphabetically be between A and S, then deleted him. The game didn't move S and T to the left to take up his slot or move the empty slot to the right. So, currently, my slots read:

    (A) (_) (S) (T)

    I even tried making a character whose name began with Z to take up the empty space and perhaps cause the game to arrange my character slots properly. Nothing happened except that I had a new character.

    (A) (Z) (S) (T)

    It should have been:

    (A) (S) (T) (Z) - alphabetical

    Deleted, it's back to:

    (A) (_) (S) (T)

    I'm sorry for being obsessive-compulsive, but I like seeing my character slots organized. And I'm wondering where this tiny feature went.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Experimentor
    I'm sorry for being obsessive-compulsive, but I like seeing my character slots organized.

    I never thought about the characters been listed in alphabetical order. I don't see a problem now with 4 (soon with 6) characters, because there should not be a big problem with seeing differences.

    But if we happen to get 24 new character slots....

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    I would like this feature back too. Oh well, we can't have everything, can we? (But why was it removed?)

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    funny thing is somehow you can trigger it (still remains as a bug) and causes problems for those that didn't want our slots all rearranged

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