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View Poll Results: Which Element do U Use MOST

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  • Air

    26 23.42%
  • Earth

    27 24.32%
  • Fire

    41 36.94%
  • Water

    26 23.42%
  • Secondary - Air

    10 9.01%
  • Secondary - Earth

    12 10.81%
  • Secondary - Fire

    7 6.31%
  • Secondary - Water

    9 8.11%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Which Element do u use MOST

    Lets Find out once and for all Which element is most used

    IF U Use a secondary element vote it in as well for combo element tallys
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    GWOnline.Net Member Uda Duno's Avatar

    I use air alot but have started to play around with the others. Discovered water is perfect in Fire Islands and the desert... anything fire related. Did fire until just after I ascended and got into gvg... meteor showers are great in pve but when targets move alot not so good, I even have learned how to dodge out of those and I know how much it costs so can shock them before it recharges or they can get something else of fire off. Discovered Fire does cost the most but can be fun in the Shiverpeaks. Ice vs Fire pul-lease.
    Okay so I have done three... can someone tell me about earth? May try this out in gvg also.

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    Water, Air, Earth, Fire, in that order, but they are very very close. Kinda like 30-25-23-22 ratio. I like the battle control aspect that Air and Water offer in slow spells, blinds and knockdowns.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lady Jade's Avatar

    I primarily use fire, it depends on the area i'm in and the enemies i'm facing.

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    Water OR fire OR both depending on where I am and my mood for that day.

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    Depends on what I'm doing really. Since most of my time is pve I usually bring around fire. When I gvg I go with water. I go with air for randoms cause I can get faction quicker with it. Earth I use for HA cause all everyone wants out of an ele is a warder

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    Aurora Glade


    I still use Fire as my primary element, but have one or two Water/Earth spells with me, if I do not use a Mesmer secondary for Interrupts, Energy management or "echoing" a spell.

    So I voted: Fire + Water/Earth secondary
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    Water and Fire

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Earth Air Fire Water

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    I'm a Pyro at heart, but have begun to realize the value of the protection in the earth skills & the great additional damage skills of the air.

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