Well I did this, but without a MM build. I figured with his minnie stealing skills, they would be kinda useless and I don't like the thought of my baddies being used against me. I took a few corpse exploiting skills, such as well of suffering. WIth my death magic maxxed, I was doing -6 degen. Also I added on top of that Suffering which made it -8 to those in the well. I took Holy Viel, being a monk secondary, which doubles the casting time of hexes on you. The key to this is to go slow, have a good party, and an awesome ranger to pull the groups. We just pulled 4 or 5 at a time, dealt with them and went on to the next group. I couldn't get a run to copperhammer, so being able to cap all 3 Verata skills was great. You can cap gaze, aura, and sacrafice.