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    New Factions pets

    I have seen new pets!

    A Crane!

    A Tiger!

    Also comes in white!

    And a Crab!

    I was on an A/W so I cant confirm these are all charmable pets, but it looked like they were.

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    Well what I have heard the tinger and crab comes in two different types,and that itīs two more charmable pets in Factions(not sure about that)

    Edit:Woot! A white tiger! I whant one!,have to create a X/R

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    I want a White Tiger... though at the moment my Ranger is running around with a blue crab at her side o_O

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    GWOnline.Net Member Sagaris's Avatar

    Is there a way to release the pets in the preview? 'Cause I want a crabby! :D

    *Edit: Ok LOL! I just walked up the stairs of the Marketplace and saw the tamer . Sorry guys.

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    wow i so want that tiger for my ranger omg!

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    Everyone wants crabs.
    Man the monks will be busy

    how big are they?


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    Man, they really need to add a kennel service to this game if they are going to have all these different pets.

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    Here's my assassin with her white tiger pet... The tiger has blue eyes! It's gorgeous.

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    You can get the Reef Lurker just by going East of the gate of The Marketplace. Go past the Jade Brotherhood until you see Am Ho Assassins and Necros at a swampy place. The Reef Lurkers are there.

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    yep everyone is going to have a tiger...that looks awesome.


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