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    Lightbulb Factions 15k Armor project

    Hi. I just arrived at leviathan pits and finally found the 15k luxon armor crafter there.

    As some of u may have seen; 15k jade armor costs a bit too much for some1 to gather during the event.

    As i'd like to see how it looks like i propose the following: we gather a few ppl here that have reached the jade armor crafter: 1 female and 1 male for each class and the rest of us donate whatever they want (Jadeite, amber, plat, materials or dyes) to those ppl so that they can buy the 15k armor and post the SS here.
    As all items will be reset, u have nothing to loose by donating to this project.

    What do u say?
    Models should leave their IGN and a SS proving that they have reached the armor crafter.

    BTW, by the small pics it looks like all 15k armor looks the same (like fow one).

    Unfortunatelly i won't be able to play tomorrow, but i may login just for a second in the morning to donate all i have.

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    The 15k armor looks the same because as far as I know the new graphics have not been created by ANet yet.

    Your idea is a good one in principle but without the imagery already in place for the event there seems little point in even trying for 15k armor as it won't be the same when the game is released anyway.

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