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    Assassin 15k Armor

    This is a thread to post your assassin 15k armors:

    i only got chest so far but im hoping to get the rest b4 the weekend is over

    That chest armor is Luxon 15k armor.

    LOL i got the leggs b4 the edit time was up so i didn't want to double post

    Here u go:

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    GWOnline.Net Member shaktiboi's Avatar

    Looks sweet! Congrats.

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    GWOnline.Net Member glitched's Avatar

    Absolute uberness. Great Job!

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    well heres it with that hands and it looks BA with them!!!:

    2 more to come!!!

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    Where are you finding the time to get that much gold? o.O

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    GWOnline.Net Member IIIPowerIII's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Dancer
    Where are you finding the time to get that much gold? o.O
    In the beggining I have amde alot of gold by selling Syp Assasin/Ritualist rune ;) You buy at 250 at trader and sell for 5-6k. ppl will buy them since you cannot buy from trader, unless you hit space bar very often until you have 1, and it get sold out in a sec :p

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    both set together:

    hope u like it!!!

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Wait... So regardless of what type of assassin armor you're wearing, there are only 2 15k designs, Luxon and Kurzick?

    I hope this is just for the FPE and not the case in the final Factions product.

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    yes as of right now u can only get 4 different designs 2 1.5k (luxon or kurzick) designs and 2 15k designs (luxon or kurzick) but u can get different typs of armor... its like fow armor u can only get one look for each but u can get different types...

    here it is dyed silver:

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