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    zodiac comes from the elite missions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostfire
    Does anyone think that 15k Imperial chestpiece's blades on the female are WAY over the top? The chestpiece itself is kinda plain, and the blades are angled too outwards imho
    Yes i agree but it also counts for the male version
    i think Extoic looks very cool an when i get rich i post it

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    Can we stickie this? Please?

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    guys you really need to sticky this!!!!!

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    I need a 60 more Jade to complete my 15k armor! I'll get it as soon as i sell these greens and zodiacs!

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    a bumb for gods sake...stickified it....i wonder if the forum mods ever look in here like people take assassins into groups ingame....

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    Maybe we need a new mod, I mean it's been like days and I've yet to see this stickied despite many requests

    Bumpity bump

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    Im torn between the 15k luxon and 15k canthan i don't know what to get >.<! Could someone show me the backs of the male 15k luxon and 15k canthan?

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    Oh btw...can someone please post up the updated masks? I heard they were updated and all look different now right?

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