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    Love the armor guys, especially Obsidian's. Also that bandana tender wolf has is a nice touch xD

    So I took a quick look around and did not see the particular armor I have. Here it is:

    So it's elite Canthan... but I dyed this black way back when, BEFORE they changed the black dye. Black dyes now are a lot darker, and I just think this color goes so well with the unchangeable parts of the armor. So needless to say I feel pretty proud of it!

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    Aurora Glade


    Well, it's been a while since I posted any pictures of Alina - she's had a couple of new armors lately, but the one I like best is this one:

    Originally I wanted to dye it black - but, messing around with some dye combinations I came up with a nice copper tone that fits the amber designs on the back of the armor perfectly. It's the same exact hue and I am growing quite fond of it. (It also happens to fit her last name, Coppertail perfectly...)

    However, the mask is a bit too light in comparison - found no way to fix that so mostly I'll just stick to tinted glasses. Which makes her look more like a cool agent type anyway...

    Ok, maybe not so cool in that one, but then again - being a contract killer sort of conflicts with the idea of the virtous paragon anyway...

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    Remember this:
    Quote Originally Posted by upier View Post
    Made a new baby.
    So here is Altair :
    And how it turned into this:
    Quote Originally Posted by upier View Post
    Yeah, I don't know why assassins have the "15k"-thread stuck when most other guys have the "armour" thread.
    I keep forgetting to look for the other one.

    No worries though - I thought of getting him Vabbi, but deleted him already for a warrior.
    Much cuter outfits!

    Well, now it turned into this:

    Deleted my warrior and made a new assassin.
    (Undyed for now!)

    I am thinking of maining this guy.
    So much fun!
    And so pretty!

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    And black it is!
    I always imagined this guy will have a black set, hence why I went with the blonde hair.
    Too bad the detail is completely lost - but all in all, it looks quite fabulous:

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    ahhhh, Obsidian armor... I'm so jealous, upier >____<

    very cool though.. it's very sleek

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    Alty received a splash of colour for his armour:

    Now he has the whole Iwazaru-thing going on!

    Much better than the black.
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    Really like it upier :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by arfentul View Post
    ahhhh, Obsidian armor... I'm so jealous, upier >____<

    very cool though.. it's very sleek
    Quote Originally Posted by Thoraxe View Post
    Really like it upier :)
    Thanks for the love.

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    Female Sin in Vabbian dyed black/purple and a Blindfold.

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    My sin got new armor so here's a before and after shot:



    I know the mask is a bit cliché but i rather like the result, she turned to the Dark Side!

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