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    Honestly I quite like seeing the mask dyed in colors other than black, especially if it matched the armor well like in your case. Nice stuff!
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    Aoi, I LOVE that armor mix. And that dye combo. What is it? Black + red?

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    Aoi, I LOVE that armor mix. And that dye combo. What is it? Black + red?
    Thank you very much. The Mask is coloured red+red+black and the rest except the gloves are dyed red. Unfortunately the top and the pants doesnt dye in a darker red than they allready are, every combo of dyes turns out lighter or browner (Yes even double blacks).

    The gloves are a bit tricky, at the moment they are undyed but i really want them dyed darker. Currently im thinking about a Black+Black+White+Grey combo but i need to scrape a bit of money together to get that and its only going to turn out slightly darker than they are at the moment. A Pure black turns out awfull though.

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    Not a big fan of most elite sets for Assassins.

    Monument, however, is adorable, and that's what my Assassin wears, along with spectacles.

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    my picture won't show >:o
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    My new assasin ^^

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    I was bored of running around in jeans (the Shing Jea set) when calling Disco, so I went for the armour that always intrigued me - Vabbi.
    Here's Alty.

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    Not much to say, i decided to try out scythe on an assassin and therefore i needed another armorset. Here is the outcome:

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    My Z Silk

    This is my combo for the male assassin^^

    By Zorro

    By Zorro

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