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    IIIPowerIII what dye mix did u use

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    GWOnline.Net Member Frostfire's Avatar

    Hmm, Luxon and Kurz mix doesn't look bad at all...
    Maybe Luxon chest, Kurz leggings, and Imperial gloves and boots...I wonder, can you be REALLY nice and help me one more time Deus? Thanks!

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    since anet updated the appearance of all 15k armor masks: anyone willing to show them here? thanks in advance.

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    here are my two 15k sets and my 1.5k excoic set to compare with the 15k set, all sets are dyed black.....and i made close ups of the new masks...personally i dont like the neww 15k kurzick mask....

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    and here are the two last pictures of the 15k kurzick

    dont know why the two full 15k sets got so small while the 1.5k set has the right size....i would be happy if a person would help me out with this....

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    I just have one more question: I'm pretty new to GW so I was just wondering if any of you could fill in the blanks and correct any mistakes in the list underneath I would be grateful, and I think it would help other new people find what they need to :D

    It's the mats needed to make Assassin armor, look at page 9 in this thread for screens of the crafter dialoge.

    Exotic: 350 chittin fragments - 35 steel/deldrimor steel?

    Canthan: 350 ? - 35 fur squares?

    Imperial: 350 tanned hides - 35 steel/deldrimor steel?

    Luxon: 350 tanned hides - 35 steel/deldrimor steel? - 70 jadeite

    Kurzik: 350 tanned hides - 35 steel/deldrimor steel? - 70 amber

    EDIT: dang... the new Kurzic mask is rather ugly... remind me not to get it :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hispan
    IIIPowerIII what dye mix did u use
    Blue+Green I think.

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    vitamin t

    heres my 15k imperial end game
    my pet phoenix
    dyed it yellow til i see what black looks like

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    the yellow looks good, I think black would be kind of boring :P

    I think it would just be black all over... no color at all...

    maybe a mix of silver and yellow would give it a goldish color... I'd take that over black I think

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    Updated 15k Canthan Mask dyed silver

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