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    Better armor pics:

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    Ah, tonight my Assassin finally catches up with my characters! She finally has a set of 15k armor to call her own. ^o^

    15k Kurzick armor dyed black. The mask is 1.5k Kurzick because the 15k Kurz mask doesn't appeal to me... the 1.5k one has a nice simple design, anyway, and still matches the 15k armor well.

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    Euing, you've got the exact same armor setup I've got on my assassin!

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    I thought there was a 15k Exotic and Imperial set also. And teh aromor you can get in FoW checkk into it...... Let me know it I am wrong

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    wich daggers are those?

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    Zodiac Daggers

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    I Think Female kurzick armour looks the coolest i dont really like the male

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    Hmmmm, theres 41 pages in this forum, can anyone post a link here for the FOW Assassin Male Armour Please, the one in wiki aint really detailed :S

    Cheers Guys!

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    Lang Numbra, sporting 15k Luxon in Green + Dye Remover.

    Something that can't be seen in any other pictures of the mask is the blade on the chin.

    Surprised me at first, but now I'm starting to like it.

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    Howdy. This is my sin, Cevaratus Raayl. I'm using the vigor build, and my god it's an awesome skill set. She's wearing Luxon 15k with a 1.5k bladed mask, just because I think it looks cooler than the Luxon mask.

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