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    Quote Originally Posted by Xunlai Agent
    That's awesome! I am even happier now that my Assassin will join the Kurzick cause, now all I need is a pic of the 15 K Luxon Female Ritualist Armor
    well i have seen one...but lets just say its not on this fansite... i'll ask the person if i can post it here

    well its not hte luxon one this is the Kurzick one.... sorry its the best i could do...:

    lord melvin posted this:

    its only the 15k luxon leggings... at least its something

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    cool pic. Is there more?

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    omfg definately getting female sin armor (kurzick oh yeah!!!) my friend got the 1.5k version and dyed it all black looked awesome, but as we know 15k armor tends to look even sweeter dyed black, specially when its kurzick 15k

    das right kurz be beaten yall lux into da gruond (ow slang hurts)

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    where do we get the 15k armor? what city? where is this close to?
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    Where are you getting the amber and jadeite required for these ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deus Invictus
    both set together:

    hope u like it!!!

    This male armor for the assassin here, is it the:
    Kurzick or Luxon type?

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    I think both of them are luxon, look at his avatar...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiftigMan
    This male armor for the assassin here, is it the:
    Kurzick or Luxon type?
    male is Kurzick. female is Luxon.

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    And you are sure of that? ^^

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    plus FoW but we know htat

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