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    Earth E/A .. the new FotM spiker for Factions ?

    While doing the 'March of the Wardens' quest in Kurzick territory this weekend, I ran into the final wave of Wardens - which frighteningly had (3) Wardens of Earth in it. Yes .. I had seen them before ... but only one at a time in a group. Three at once was devastating until I out-thought the monster AI, but even then it took awhile to take them down with our DP.

    This experience got me to thinking ... how devastating would 3-4 Factions Earth Ele's be in a PvP match, especially with a Shadow Step ability added in ?

    Yes .. this is easily counterable (most things are if you prepare for it) ... but the thing is, you have to prepare for it - leaving you vulnerable to other builds.

    Earth Spikers E/A
    16 Earth Magic [12+4 (3+1)]
    14/15 Energy Storage [12+2/3]
    3 Shadow Arts

    Glyph of Sacrifice
    Shockwave (E)
    Crystal Wave
    Tenai's Crystals
    Death's Charge
    (skill of choice - rez, ward, or dmg)(even something like Shadow Refuge)

    Basically, the idea is to use Death's Charge to 'warp' into the enemy at strategic locations. Glyph of Sacrifice allows instant cast of Earthquake, followed by Aftershock, Shockwave, and so on down the list. All are .75sec cast times (except Earthquake, but GoS takes care of that).

    Total energy cost is 85, but at 15 ES you have 87 with only a +12 focus. That's 3-4 mages each doing 600+ (~200 is armor ignoring too) in 4-5 secs and the 'worst' part is, it's all AoE dmg ...

    Yes ... Earthquake causes Exhaustion ... and GoS will make it nearly 2 minutes before Earthquake can be recast. If executed correctly though, it should only need to be done once.

    Unless the opposition is WAYYYY spread out and loaded with denial/interrupt and expecting it, each member of their squad should get hit by at least half of the dmg from at least 2 of the mages ... any way you look at it, it's easy cleanup for the remainder of their team. Most, if not all, of their casters will be down .. and any survivors will be severely injured.

    I'm sure I havent thought of everything, and maybe there's holes in the plan .. but it still paints a pretty scary picture ...

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    GWOnline.Net Member DEATHSHEAD's Avatar

    Sounds nice enough. Even I might give it a try when factions is released.

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    GWOnline.Net Member pcnn's Avatar

    This build , u don't have enough energy to re-use it , unless u toss in Earth Attunement

    So if ur spike is not successful , then u r doomed :)

    Here's mine ( use in RA/TA ,never test it in HA )

    16 Air
    10 Energy Storage
    Rest in Water

    Air Attunement
    Ice Prison
    Lighting Touch
    Mind Shock {E}
    Death Charge
    Rez Signet

    Unless there are 2 monks , if u charge in with this build , my first target is monk though , the continual KD make them unable to resist , the result is mostly a dead monk :)

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    pcnn ...

    I think you missed the point ... Air spike builds are common and nothing new, not that yours isnt nice and perfectly viable/functional ... in fact, a couple of Air spikers like yourself would work nicely in combination with this build to take out those who escape from the killzone

    The point here was mainly that the new Factions release will open up an Earth spike option that was previously not possible to this magnitude ... Geomancers have often been thought of as Ward-only defensive mages, but Factions will change all that and open them up full-throttle as heavy nukers

    First, Earth skills have always relied on proximity since most of the good damage spells are self-centered AoE ... running up to the opposition in Ele armor was a dead giveaway you were an Earth Ele, so people had time to scatter to avoid the KD and damage ... now with the advent of 'Step' skills from the Assassin's Shadow Arts line, these guys can traverse a large distance instantly - it teleports them straight to their target ... the enemy now only has the time it takes to use Glyph of Sacrifice to take whatever preventive measures they can before all hell breaks loose

    Second, there were only a few AoE Earth skills to choose from, but certainly not enough to do something like this ... but in that quest I mentioned in the original post, I saw firsthand what only a couple of the new skills can do when used by 2-3 Earth mages working together - and those were AI mages .. real players and bringing in Prophecy skills will make it that much more devastating .. if those AI mobs had Death's Charge and picked their targets in a way to overlap their AoE's, that quest would've been almost unbeatable ...

    ... and yes, there's room for Earth Attunement .. I purposely left the 8th skill slot open for just this reason, although from habit and good practice I prefer that it be used for Rez Signet ... not to mention casting Earth Attune would give the enemy advanced notice of your intentions, and the purpose of the build is to take them by surprise and lay waste before they know what hit them ... the build still needs to be playtested, which I didnt have time to do over the FPE weekend since I was busy unlocking as many new skills as I could ... who knows, maybe this is overkill and one of the nukes can be swapped out with attunement to conserve energy and still bring a rez to the party

    And as for re-using it, that isnt really the idea here .. what I see are 3-4 'suicide bombers' so to speak, who go in, lay out heavy damage, and then maybe re-use some of the less expensive AoE's to help in the cleanup phase .. the idea is to hit em hard and hit em fast, and use the rest of the team to pick off the survivors ... anyone casting a Rez of any sort to revive the monks/mages that were the main initial targets becomes a priority target in the aftermath ...
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    GWOnline.Net Member pcnn's Avatar

    I've never told that my build is perfect or nice , it's just fun to see some1 trying to escape from it :)

    Maybe my English is bad so I misunderstood the word "spike". As far as I know , spike is doing a large quantity of damage to one enemy in a short time

    I've try smt similar to ur build in the recent FPE , but I don't have the idea of Tenal Crystal , most of the people who was hit by ur spike ( except for Tenal because I didn't unlock it ) are badly wounded . The only reason that I stopped using that build is :

    Ritualists n their spirit , when I try to teleport to them, and if there are some spirit in front of the Rt , I was teleported to the Spirit instead of the Rt. Some of their spirits can negate some of the damage , making me useless after the combo.

    However, ur idea is nice, after re-reading it , I can imagine a Nuclear bomb :D, sry for my bad English

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    I am definitly feeling very excited for all my chars once I merge Factions. Especially my elementalist. E/A will be alot of fun in random arenas, and not to mention E/Mes to play with those new spells.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Saragoth's Avatar

    The idea of an earth ele spiker gets me wound up ...as if there isnt enough devestating dmg already

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    Suggestion: Add in Return or Spirit Walk to return to safety once you get in trouble.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I was thinking the same thing also. The problem here though is that crystal wave and tenai's crystal have a small proximity so they need to go first. You should be able to cast the 2 of before they scatter. with 3 ele's setting the 2 off the monk is dead. I however never liked earthquake since it takes so long to cast and causes exhaustion. After the first spike the others would try to move out of the way from another spike so there should be a Hydro there to snare them. 4 ele team, 3 spike 1 snares and delays others. the snares will allow you to run up and hit whirlwind - aftershock, with 3 geos doing this you should get enough to kill another caster. now you still have shockwave to play with. Find your next target and hit shockwave - obsidian flame. OF will do 116 dmg per so 3 eles = 348 dmg + the 3 shockwaves from before. Each shockwave will hit for about 150 NON armor ignoring dmg. This third spike will kill anyone <warrior>. This is coupled with the Hydro snaring and damaging with Deep Freeze, Ice Spikes and Rust to slow rez and other spells of his/her liking. The Hydro should also have a Necro secondary to cast Blood Ritual on the spikers. The Hydro will of course have the most difficult job by far.

    Shockwave {e} 10
    Deaths Charge 10
    Crystal Wave 15
    Tenai's Crystal 15
    Whirlwind 10
    Aftershock 10
    Obsidian Flame 5
    Earth Attunement 10

    Total 85 Energy - 30% = aprox. 60 Spent.

    You will of course have the natural 4 pip regen for energy coupled with the additional +3 from the hydro for 12 seconds.

    This of course is all in theory since I have never tried this. I'm sure there are plenty of flaws here...let's work together guys and get one hell of a spike team together =)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lylyth's Avatar

    You could always take the shadow magic spells "Return" or the 14 sec warp back to place where spell was cast, I forget the name spell.

    This would offer you a bit more defensive capabitlies, after you've dropped your nukes to pull back and reload.



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