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    Out of Memory Error.

    Hi. I have a big problem with GW. In this weekend and later i had a memory error and i am kicked from guildwars to windows every 2 hours. I try everything (incarse virytual memory, defrag disc) and this isnt work. Please help me. I am guild leader and i can be kicked every 2 hours. I have sempron 2200XP; 512 mb; gforce fx5500; windows XP; Direct X9. Please help me.

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    This typically happens due to graphics card driver bugs.
    Check your graphics card manufacturer's website for all the latest and greatest drivers.

    One added surefire way to get rid of that error also is to open up your computer, take out each ram stick and clean it and the motherboard of all the crud its been collecting ever since you bought the thing. Then make sure you place the ram back in nice and tight and you shouldn't get the error again.

    At least, that's what worked for me :)

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    I will try this but i dont think that this might help. But thanks

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    What memory error did it give you?

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    i am kicked from guildwars to windows and i see window: ERROR, OUT OF MEMORY etc.

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    Cleaning the RAM is pointless. If there's something physically wrong with the RAM, then it will manifest itself in some way that's much nastier than running out of memory.

    Methinks you have either a full or very fragmented HDD and something leaking memory, possibly a spyware program. Go ctrl-alt-del and see what programs are using a lot of memory, and report that here.

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    i have clean processor. Nothing spy-ware programs i think. Programs use 0% memory. All is clean, i defragmented that HDD and HDD with windows and it not word. I have problem, big problem

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    do you have any other program running in the background? google's desktop search was causing me to get that error while i was playing.

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    Fore issues such as these, the nerdy Professors live here, in the Technical Forum

    Make sure you monitor your ram as you are playing, see what is using how much(Ctrl Alt Dlt > Processes tab). Also what type of Mobo you have, i know some of the Nvidia drivers had a memory leak (the ones with the inbuilt firewall).
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    I have Nvidia 84.21; 1200 mhz athlon XP; 512 mb ram. Microsoft Windows XP with service pack1. Might i must install newest service pack?

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