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Thread: W/Mo Solo Build

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    W/Mo Solo Build

    OK since Guild Wars launched I played a R/E and had a blast. But with the AoE nerf way back when it really hurt the focus of that build so I went to something totally different that bored me easily lol. Plus that build was highly dependent on a group to play with. So I decided to start a W/Mo build and try doing some solo play. Here is currently what I have:

    (I AM NOT lvl 20 yet)
    Strength - 10
    Swordsmanship - 10
    Healing - 7

    Sever Artery
    Power Attack
    Endure Pain
    Restore Life
    Healing Breeze
    Live Vicariously (Switch it out for Mending when I'm just running around)

    16 Armor
    -2 Damage Recieved when Enchanted

    Max DMG
    +20% dmg when in a Stance (may be 15% dont remember off hand)
    +20% dmg - customization
    +24 Health

    Platemail Armor with Knights Gauntlets
    Sup Swords
    Sup Strength
    Sup Vigor
    Sup Absorption

    I am planning on switching the Sup Swords/Strength out once I get to lvl 20 I just need them so I can use my Sword and Shield combo. What I really want is to be able to keep my Shield/Sword combo, which means I would need Enchantments in my final build to get the full bonus. And I would also like to keep the Sword skills. Any help would be great :)

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    Don’t forget the +1 to strength that the Plate helm gives before you put the rune in it. You also can put one more rune into your set up. Even if you don't think you will use tactics, you should put the rune in for the occasion you do use it. If you are soloing pull that restore life out and drop a useful skill in there.

    You should also constantly be changing your skills depending on where you go. Mending is nice but if there are a lot of monsters that remove Hex’s, it’s a worthless skill as are all enchantments in those area’s. In those situations a Heal Sig is better for you since they can’t stop it, and a shield with ‘in stance’ since you will most likely be in a stance all the time in those situations. Sever and gash is nice but if you are fighting Necy or Mez monsters they can put those conditions back on you, so you need to go strait damage no conditions. Conversely if they do, I will survive will be a great asset to you.

    The only advice I can give is learn to vary your skills per location you choose to farm/run/mission you do. Sever and Gash are also no use if nothing bleeds; zombies, most Musaat, and Titans are on that list.

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