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    Factions Pre-order

    What is the real benefit of pre ordering?
    If I remember correctly the first time ppl were crying because of the low level weapons they got and other items.

    If you guys have the pre order please explain the true benefits.


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    GWOnline.Net Member Xandlyn's Avatar

    You get two unique weapons. One for the rit and one for the assassin. Both are max damage with some mods. Pretty nice.

    You also get to play the game 24 hours before release. Which is nice for those hard core gamers (yes I will be calling out sick the day before the game is released LOL).

    Um...the pre-order gives you a friends code to give to a friend to play GW:P for free for I think a week. You also get a nice trailer and a few cool screen shots.

    Remember you are not actually buying the pre-order. YOu put the money down for the game. The pre-oder is free. For instance it cost me $10 for the pre-order. But once the game is released I can just bring in my reciept from the pre-order and get $10 off the game. So you are really not loosing out on anything.

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