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    Question about minions

    I have heard contrasting views on this, so I thought it would be best to ask here.

    Does casting monk spells on minions increase their degen?

    Has it been proven to be the case either way?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Scutilla's Avatar

    No, that is not true. The degen on a minion does increase over time, though.

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    Now try telling that to all the people that call me a "noob" for using Heal Area

    The only reason it may appear like it causes more degen is because it keeps them alive longer...

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    Thanks for the fast reply, really grateful

    Another thing I was wondering, is there a cap on minion degen?

    I tried summoning a few minions and standing by Ambassador Zain, but I couldn't quite work out if it was capped or not...

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    Like all degen, it should be capped at 10 pips. Note that there will be hidden degen beyond the 10 pips that would occur when using verata's sacrifice, just like using healing breeze on another player that has lots of degen stacked on them. At a certain point, veratas sacrifice would no longer be a benefit to use and you'd be better off using straight healing via blood of the master, heal area, and healing spring rather than trying to counter a net -20 degen.

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    I think the minion degen goes well beyond 10. It's just the most that can be shown at once. I think its about 2 minutes before degen is more than can be realistically handled without ending up spamming heals constantly to keep them alive.

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    I don't think that the degen goes beyond 10. I often see minions just stop degenerating after I cast veratas, even if they have been undead (saying alive seems, umm... weird :P) for a while. A bit of testing should solve the problem. Grab a mm if you have one, kill something, make a minion, and try keeping it alive. After a few minutes, look at it's hp bar, and cast veratas. If it's still degening, than the degen goes beyond 10. If it's stops after casting verata (and the minion doesn't gain any hp either) than it's capped at 10.

    And people that say that monk spells kill minions faster are wrong. Ihave played a N/Mo with heal area for some time. If it wasn't for heal area my army would be much smaller.

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    The amount of degen minions have increases over time. For the initial 30 seconds after they are first animated, they have no degen, and I think it increases by -1 for every 30 seconds after that. It keeps increasing every 30 seconds, possibly going all the way up to -100 or more. However, the DAMAGE a minion (or any creature) can take from degen is capped at -10. So while a minion might have -100 degen, supposedly taking 200 damage per second, in reality it's still only taking 20 damage (-10) degen per second.

    Verata's Sacrifice gives minions an additional +10 health regen, but as the minion's degen gets higher and higher, even V.Sac can't cancel out all the degen. (-100 + 10 is still -90. Damage is still capped at -10 degen)

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