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    Shadowstepping should remove enemy focus?

    Hi, sorry if this has already been discussed but I searched around and didn't find anything about it.

    While I was using an E/A build in PvP (earth/death charge) I noticed that when you teleport the enemies attacking you maintain their selection/targetting on you, which I think is a bit weird. If you were attacking someone in real life and they suddenly went *BAMF* and vanished from sight....would you psychicly still know where they were?

    I assumed that this "where did they go??" effect would be a benefit of shadowstepping but it seems not to be the case. Sometimes when I teleported to a nearby location warriors just had to turn around to keep attacking me without losing a swing.

    What does everyone else think?

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    GWOnline.Net Member creamcake's Avatar

    i agree i think that if you teleport(shadowstep or the likes) target focus should be lost, that would make more sense when using teleporting skills

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    This I agree with. What's dumb is Vipers Defense detargets your target when you're hit yet they still have you targeted. It would make sense if your foe loses target of you, shadow stepping is to give that essence of "suprise!".

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    Yeah it should in my opinion. I love my Kurzick Assassin

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    agree shadowstepping must remove enemy focus. if not shadow stepping is pretty dumb.

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    Yeah, it's a pain to use VD, get teleported to a random location and have a warrior on yer *** in less than a second. It's happen a few times and annoyed me all to hell. If they add the loseing of enemy focus, it'll give you some time to prep for an ambush of some sort. That is what they are designed for anywho. Doesn't help if they just knock you down where you TP to.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lylyth's Avatar

    Naw I like it.

    It's half the effect of "BAMF" ing away. And yes I am quite sure you would have an idea from the sound of them Re-"Bamf" back in. And in all honesty if someone "BAMF"d away from me and back in some 100' feet away, it would miff me off somthing ferce and I would go after them to finish what I started.

    But half the skill is not the phsyical distance the someone is moved, but rather distrubpting your ability to effectivly engage me as an opponent.

    preview weekend, I ran a Monk / Assassin, and I miffed of so many people it wasn't funny. (Except to me and my own team) Repeatedly "BAMF"ing away (as you like to call it) Use of Vipers defense allowed me to all but forget about even trying to run away, there was no need. The added effect of poisoning them was nice. But in general it was the time they wasted getting from where I was to where I am. Acouple (Smart? not smart) people adjusted targets and went after other soft kills, in which case I just healed there victims. (And we know how effective ignoring the monk is.)

    Other times I played possem and limped clear across the other side of the map with two warriors in tow. Tossed a Caltrops, and then cancled "Return" and shadow steped back next to my allies. (hehe, ever saw so many astricks and excalmation marks in my life.)

    Many times I have been able to Chain VD, Return, and DC into a never ending triangle that had warrior's doing nothing but running a triangle trying to hunt me down. It was well worth just waisting there time, running only to do 1 hit, and start running again.

    It just means that PvP players are going to have to be more on there guard. This is an RPG game, but in no way is it a passive sit back and watch the game develop.

    I love shadowstepping the way it is. =)

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    It still needs a level of suprise. After all if some one was infront of you and then disapeared some distance behind you, you do not instinctively know where they are without haveing to look around. Unless if they make some loud noise, it would take you a moment to find them. Shadow Of Haste has a better affect because if you're quick you can almost run out of target sight distance. Even if you can't, you still get the advantage to prepair for those who are after you because they need to atleast be within agro bubble to touch you.

    VD doesn't TP you too far away and before you can relise where you are located you're already being attacked. I have only seen one idiot flee and it was because not only of the poison but I had beat him down to a quarter, basicly he knew I would own him if he followed. Most of the time warriors kept in hot pursuit. Why is it ok you lose target of the attacker but they still keep you targeted? If anything it should be the opposite, atleast in a RP aspect.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lylyth's Avatar


    This is the Same Realistic RP value as the standard Ascalon Radar Screen?


    Some like it and some don't. I see where your comming from and respect your opinion. But the testing and results I have had with it, hurt my opponent more then they hurt me. And if that is the case you are making, then I would have to re-assert that the way it is, is fantastic. Anything I can do to wasting a heavy dmg dealing tank's time by chasing me down.

    But we are talking in extreme's, your talking one VD, where I am talking chaining shadow steps and VD's. I would reccomend extending the time by throwing caltrops.


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    All i know is when im in Thirsty River and that dam necro uses nectrotic traversal its pain in the ***... my point is when warriors and rangers(i use an ranger primarily) are locked on to a target is messes them up massively to have to keep runnign across the maps and changing direction, some more noobish players can't even find their target again.... this tool most likely be a great evasion tool for casters, but if ur an assassin and know how to combine it with ur attack combos u will be the master of the spike

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