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    Attack skill idea

    I've got an idea! Yes, I don't have many. How about filling your Assassin skillbar with just lead attacks? No more problems with the chain being broken! Since leads don't require a previous attack and I'm sure there are more than enough lead attacks to fill at least 5 slots. You can just keep clicking down the line and each one will fire off without regard to the previous attack.

    Or maybe you can have just lead and followup attacks. It would be like using 1-2 combos instead of a full 4-5 juggling combo attack.

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    Ehhh while this sounds all neat and tricky to the naked eye... Like the ammount of damage one can deal while they commit the line of combos. These builds you see, most of them have a certain reason why they are used in order. For instance, some skills add more damage depending on the condition set on the targeted foe.

    Never the less, I'm sure many will do something like this. Personally I enjoy the combo attacks as they do more damage each successful hit after following the first until the last. But again, others do get bothered by the possible and constant disruption of these combo lines and will result in useing all lead attacks.

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    its more b/c lead attacks barely do any dmg or have any Conditions attached to them and if they do then the condition lasts for a few seconds... the main reason for off-hand and more prevailent with the dual attacks is that they usually have two conditions with high dmg attached to them. Besides when u have skills like Palm Strike which is a skill that counts as an off hand its not that hard to combo things...

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    I want to go out and cap that skill emediatly! However, I fear that it'll be a while :(

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