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Thread: sharpen daggers

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    sharpen daggers

    there is an assasin spell, sharpin daggers, which makes all critcial strike inflict bleeding. I was wonder since the actual effect does not specifically state that a use of a dagger weapon is required, does this work without a dagger weapon?

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    The name of the skill is misleading. Since it doesn't say that you have to be using any particular weapon and that just that you do Criticals, it'll probably work with any weapon. Some of us guess even with canes, wands, truncheons, rods and staves!

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    I tested it in Isle of the Nameless. Worked very nicely with a bow and the pre-order Ritualist Staff, so basically seems it will work with anything.

    Just remember that the chance of doing a critical hit is significantly affected by your weapon attribute, so the best choice is still daggers, as that's the only one you can get to 16.

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    casts sharpen dagger

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    yes.. then my build could work...

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