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    when critiquing you must realize that you only get ONE out of it and it is an elite skill. Having the 2 of these severely diminishes the greatness of the skill making it at the most...balanced. It can't be overpowered when you can only have ONE at a time and is taking your elite spot meaning you can't have your GoR to keep verata's going constantly. I am actually thinking I might NOT use this skill because I'd rather use the elite for GoR or something else, and I'd hate to use a skill that can only produce 1 minion at a time. Oh I also heard it attacks slightly slower, so it wouldn't even deal much damage.

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    As an N/R who uses Serpent's Quickness to keep Verata's Sacrifice up all the time, I'll definately use it. Sure I'll have to dump Offering of Blood as my elite, but I never use it that often anyway so I dont care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MercenaryKnight
    Flesh golem is going to be a good thing for mm's especially for green farming. Being able to raise a giant golem with 3 max health degen .
    Do Flesh golems only have max 3 degen? If so you could put a Monk mending on him and keep him alive. I guess I am wondering why you consider Necros too powerful this golem is actually does less damage then a Ranger putting all points into beast mastery hits me for like 60-70 pts of damage a swing and deny spells knock me down, cause me to bleed, and the range still can shoot me with arrows at about +30 and their pets have 0 degen and lvl 20 big deal if they only can have one we can only have one Flesh golem too. I just don't see any issue with FGolems since it is elite already. In fact I believe they switch other elites made you sacrafice more on spells now then before so it's tit for tat. Anyways you got fight with every other necro after a death, which is like 1/5 people seems to just get a minnon. So it's good they have an option to keep their one minnon with a spell without just being DENIED forever so you can't play because the team only NEEDs one MINNON MASTER sorry, I will switch? No sorry we only need one necro here, bye. So yes you can play 6 rangers 1 monk and 1 necro but you can't ever play more then 1 necro seems if anything your going to be a damage add for rangers which is most boring heal self, damage add, heal self damage add, ... continue or make a macro says 1 2 1 2 1 2 ... not fun if I can't do anything else at least with this option I can 1 2 (golem) (mending) 1 2 1 2 and let my golem live meanwhile we have the bombers who just don't stop taking corpses.
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