I was recently working on the Bonus for the Bloodstone Fen. Having completed it, many in our group left - as it was a group touted mainly as a bonus group. However, there was one individual who needed mission completion. I stayed, along with another level 20 W/R. The three of us easily completed that mission.

The cutscene after mission completion shows a Mantle assembly, where they are 'pissed' that Hablion was 'owned.'

My question is this:

In most of the cutscene, you can see sturctures that are blood red/magenta that pulse with some translucent energy. These look exactly like the structures the Mursaat have/created on the Ring of Fire Islands missions. No biggie, right? We know Mursaat and the Mantle eventually 'get together.' My point is, this would suggest that the two are allied well before they are mentioned in the plot. Would this change the story line/uncover anything from the story line? The Sanctum Cay mission seems like it would be more interesting.

Vizier states that there are much more forces here than he supposed there could/would be. Are these forces augmented by unseen Mursaat forces? Could the Mursaat forces be at previously Mantle-only stations/tactical positions throughout Tyria, freeing up those Mantle to be in place on the Cay?

[Has this been mentioned already?]