I'm inspired by this thread http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=393825 . I never realised how strongly the PVE crowd felt about FoW/UW since I and a lot of other people consider it to be "optional". However their points are completely valid and makes me realise that all the crying about skills over on TGH and PvP affecting PVE FoW/UW have a lot in common.

The issue is whether or not you consider both sides of the game to be seperate or disagree that there are even sides at all and people should learn to play both. This is the bigger issue overarching the other two and I'm curious to know how people feel about it.

Are you a seperatist? You don't ever want to have to touch PVE or PVP, whichever you don't enjoy and are repulsed by. You don't want to put up with 13 y/o elitists who call you noobs, or imposed "work" grind to play the game you want, and the game you wish you could recommend to your friends if only they didn't have to "Grind" first.

Are you a unionist? You play both or you think people should play both. This game is a hybrid model and there should be ties between one mode of play and the other and the people that play them. if you only play one aspect you are shortchanging yourself. This is the Anet stance.

I know which one I am, separatist, but in practice I actually play both but there are more than enough people who prefer to stay on their side of their fance and not be impacted by what they don't enjoy.