My other PvP idea (Relentless KA Assassin) turned out to be unfeasible with the latest FPE skill stats from The Edge 2.0. So I've come up with another approach for a "relentless" or "pressure" assassin. Basically, I've given up on the teleport skills as being too energy-intensive to fit into an alpha strike, or else taking too long to recharge. I've also given up on pretty much every 15e skill, no matter how good, because I feel that they tend to hurt the reliability of a build or make decent alpha strikes impossible unless you want to restrict yourself to +energy armor.

Is this build as "uber" as one with a strong (but FRAGILE) spike combo? No. But its spike output is nonetheless quite decent, and most importantly, this build is very hard to stop. This is strong pressure build with practically no downtime, and it can deal with most of the common things that shut down an assassin.

  • Takes advantage of mobility tactics
  • ALL damage is unavoidable (cannot be evaded or blocked)
  • Significant spike damage
  • Self-healing and damage mitigation
  • Self-removal for both conditions and hexes
  • Has a rez, which can be swapped for any other useful skill if you don't need a rez
  • The lead-off-dual combo recharges in 10 seconds and costs only 20 energy
  • The fourth damage skill is chain-independent and recharges every 20 seconds.
  • All non-damage skills are very cheap and the longest recharge is 8 seconds.
  • The build is based on 12 DM / 13 CS, which gives you slighly lower auto-attack DPS but plenty of energy. You can easily substitute a 16 DM / 8 CS build to go for higher DPS if you don't run low on energy when playing this.

Here's the build. Sorry for the ugly format but that's The Edge for you. At least the skill stats are solid (based on FPE).

Unstoppable Pressure Assassin

Class: Assassin / Monk

Attributes: (cost) '+' indicates Rune attributes
Critical Strikes: 12+1 (97)
Dagger Mastery: 8+4 (37)
Deadly Arts: 7+1 (28)
Shadow Arts: 8+1 (37)

Total attribute points used: 199/200

Skills: [Attribute] (Energy, Cast Time, Recharge TIme)
1) Siphon Speed [Deadly Arts] (5,1,5) Hex: For 10 seconds, target foe moves 20% slower and you move 20% faster.

2) Dancing Daggers [Deadly Arts] (5,1,5) Spell: Send out three Dancing Daggers at target foe. Each striking for 15 earth damage if they hit. Dancing Daggers has half the normal range. This skill counts as a lead attack.

3) Entangling Asp [Deadly Arts] (10,1,20) Spell: Entangling Asp must follow a lead attack. Target foe is knocked down and becomes Poisoned for 13 seconds.

4) Fox Fangs [Dagger Mastery] (5,0,8) Off hand attack: Must follow a lead attack. Fox Fangs cannot be 'blocked' or 'evaded' and strikes for +18 damage if it hits.

5) Nine Tail Strike [Dagger Mastery] (10,0,10) Dual attack: Must follow an off-hand attack. Nine Tail Strike cannot be 'blocked' or 'evaded' and strikes for +35 damage if it hits.

6) Shadow Refuge [Shadow Arts] (5,1,8) Enchantment: For 4 seconds, you take half damage. When Shadow Refuge ends, you are healed for 84.

7) Blessed Light [Divine Favor] (10,1,7) Spell: Heal target ally for 10 Health and remove one Condition and one Hex. This is an elite skill.

8) Resurrect [none] (10,6,5) Spell: Resurrect target party member.

Running this build

Running this build is dirt simple and you have many flexible options.

First off, you don't need crippling. I can't find any decent way to consistently make an unavoidable cripple that isn't way too expensive. Siphon Speed, however, is very nearly a cripple and it's unavoidable and lasts for ever and is cheap to cast and recast if it gets removed. You have an effective 40% speed differential for as long as you want it, and you can reapply it to the same target or new targets every 5 seconds if need be.

The basic combo is unavoidable: Dancing Daggers > Fox Fangs > Nine Tail Strike. Don't poo-poo Nine Tail Strike--that +35 bonus x 2 is massive. It's really not *that* far behind the Deep Wound from Twisting Fangs. When you consider that it *cannot* be avoided and that it recycles fast enough to apply twice in the space that you can apply Twisting Fangs, this is a winner. Dancing Daggers is no slouch either, doing 46 points of unavoidable damage.

Once every 20 seconds, you can toss the Entangling Asp into the combo chain right after Dancing Daggers. It knocks down the target, helping you catch up to them even faster, and it does 136 points of damage if it runs the full time without being removed. Your lead recharges in 5 seconds so you can always choose instead to spike for the lead-off-dual combo first, wait 5 seconds, and then hit with the lead again followed by Entangling Asp.

On the utility side, you have one of the best melee self-heals in the game, IMO, which effectively gives you 110 AL defense against everything for 4 out of every 8 seconds, then gives you 84 health back at the end of the 8 seconds. It's cheap enough and fast enough to spam over and over, both in combat and while kiting. You also have a single spell slot that provides a fast and reasonably-costed hex/condition remover, which I feel is very important to keep an Asassin running smoothly.

Finally, you have a rez in the basic build. Don't need a rez? Swap in something else you find useful.